Self Storage Lockers: Ready for Their Close Up

One of the questions we get a lot at All Canadian Self Storage is “What happens to storage lockers that go unclaimed?” And we understand. Since the popular Storage Wars television show, it’s practically seen as common knowledge that storage units are today’s version of a pirate’s treasure chest, filled with expensive fine jewelry, cash and other valuables. When someone fails to claim the locker or pay the fees for their safekeeping, it only adds to the mystery. Like some kind of lost Ark of the Covenant, these storage containers are sent to auction, frequently garnering many bids until unlocked by an eager new owner.

What do they find? Most of the time, unfortunately, not a whole lot. Old photos, clothes, or the unremarkable detritus of a life or a relationship long since over. Usually that’s why the self storage container has been abandoned in the first place. And yet, you never know. Once in a while, a purchaser will find something of great value that had been stored and forgotten-or at least unclaimed.

Over the years, we’ve seen antique cars, expensive jewels and even jars of money revealed within these self storage units for a lucky bidder. At our Scarborough All Canadian Self Storage location, one person found over $100 worth of pennies, dimes and nickels in a jar stored within an old filing cabinet. Memorabilia is common too, as many people store some item “for a rainy day” and then forget about it. One of our personal favorites was a portrait of The Three Stooges, personally signed by all three.


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published: 4 March 2016