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XYZ brings its state-of-the-art facility design, superior customer service, and a wide range of additional services to the Beaches area. Our unique drive-through-design, allows customers to bring their vehicles into the building. By entering the climate-controlled, secure dock area, you can park in front of your storage unit. You can work in comfort and security. Add the additional services such as consultation, packing and moving supplies, free truck rentals, customer meeting areas, your storage unit becomes a second home for your belongings. Our latest facility is now open, strategically located on Eastern Avenue at the corner of Booth Avenue, conveniently available to serve the Beaches and into the downtown core. State of the art storage lockers in your neighbourhood.

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We strive to provide you with the necessary resources, no matter the significance of the occasion, so that you can conveniently obtain them whenever required.

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Contemporary enterprises demand up-to-date storage remedies. Our team is dedicated to optimizing your storage space.

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frequently asked questions about The Beaches self storage

Q1. How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost in The Beaches Toronto?

XYZ Storage The Beaches offers competitive pricing against our competition. However, XYZ goes above and beyond all others when it comes to customer relationships. We are your belongings home-away-from-home. In addition, our unique drive-inside loading docks offer an added value that can not be matched anywhere in the Toronto GTA, or even across Ontario. Our additional services offer huge convenience, whether it be packing supplies, moving equipment, free truck rentals, customer meeting and coordination space, or shredding services. The real question when considering a storage facility is; “What am I getting in addition to a storage unit?” The answer to that, makes XYZ Storage the only sensible choice.

Q2. Should I Rent Climate Controlled Storage in The Beaches Toronto?

Absolutely. People rent storage space in Toronto, for items that have value, whether in terms of dollar-value, sentiment, or utility. No matter how sealed or protected an item may be, temperature changes will cause both instant damage and gradual decay. Add humidity to this, and items can be ruined by physical changes and even mold. Your relative’s garage or shed might seem the easy route, but in the end, there is little difference between those options and leaving your belongings outside. And few of those situations offer any level of professional security. The GTA area experiences the full range of weather conditions, and so will your belongings. Bring them to our climate-controlled facility and rest easy that they are protected and secure, and that they will remain in the same condition as the day they were put away.

Q3. What Are the Advantages of Drive-up Access in The Beaches Toronto?

One thing is certain in Canada. The day you need to move something, is the day the weather will turn against you. Our facility removes weather from your moving, storing, and retrieval day. XYZ Storage offers the only drive-in access storage facilities in the Toronto GTA area. Customers arrive at our locations and enter a complete climate and security controlled internal dock facility, no matter what vehicle they have, big or small. Once inside, customers can position their vehicle in front of, or very close to their storage unit. Climate controlled comfort, ease of access, all within two layers of security, make XYZ the peace-of-mind choice for those in the downtown to Beaches corridor. Navigating Toronto can be a challenge at the best of times, your reward should be arriving at a storage facility that is a welcoming and pleasant experience.

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