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As the best and most reviewed self-storage business in Canada, we aim to provide our customers with storage that fits and improves their lives. Our team of XYZ Storage staff strives to provide exceptional customer service every day to continue to meet the growing needs of our customers using the best storage and moving process.

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all of our self storage facilities across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area offer easy online self-storage
rentals as well as no obligation and free reservations. We make self storage convenient and stress
free, just select one of the available units and get started today.

what makes XYZ Storage the
best self-storage facility in Toronto
and the Greater Toronto Area?

Our XYZ Storage facilities are all built with our customers in mind. Our facilities are top-rated
and the best option for self-storage in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We offer
many features, including our unique drive-through buildings feature, loading docks, and pallet
jacks. We aim to make your moving and storage process as convenient as possible.

drive through buildings*

Most XYZ Storage facilities are built with drive-through access, which means you can drive through our buildings to access your self-storage unit. We eliminate the stress of worrying about the weather conditions outside when unloading your belongings.

loading docks and pallet jacks

All of our XYZ self-storage facilities offer loading docks and pallet jacks for ease of unloading and offloading your belongings to bring into and out of your self-storage unit. These are just a few of the many ways we continuously keep our customers top of mind to create the best and most convenient storage experience.

the best self-storage
features available

When you decide to rent one of our XYZ Storage self-storage units at any of our
locations you get all of the best self-storage features available. That includes:

save 8% with XYZ Storage

Did you know we charge by month? Most storage facilities charge you every four weeks, which adds up to one extra payment yearly. At XYZ Storage we charge you on a monthly basis, so you pay once a month. That adds up to 12 payments a year instead of 13 with another competitor!

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prorated on move-in & move out

Note: When you choose to store with us at XYZ Storage we only charge you for what you use. We prorate from the day of the month you decide to move in and on the day you move out we refund any unused rent. This is unlike many of our competitors which is another reason XYZ Storage is Toronto’s best and top-rated self-storage facility.

payment on the same day every month

24-hour easy access available

Get 24-hour access through our EasyCode app. You can access our XYZ Storage facilities without ever having to get out of your vehicle to press a code on a keypad. EasyCode allows customers to use the application on their mobile phones to unlock gates and doors within our facility. Cutomers can use this application free of charge. Say goodbye to struggling to remember your passcode and hello to convenience!

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1 download the
EasyCode App

Download the EasyCode App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store by clicking the link below.

Download on app store Android app on google

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2 enter your
site key

Enter your site key or authorization code provided to you in your XYZ Storage welcome letter. Unable to locate your key site or authorization code? Contact us by phone or email and we can help you gain access to this incredible free premium feature.

IMG step 3

3 tap and unlock
gates and doors

When approaching a gate or door, press the unlock button on the app to gain access immediately. It’s that easy!

XYZ Trucks

For our new XYZ Storage customers on

Truck rentals are available now for new XYZ customers to help them move in.

get started
unit type
truck type
pick up
small cube van
up to 4 hours
pick up
small cube van
up to 6 hours
all vehicles
up to 8 hours

*Free truck rentals waive the standard rental fee, but the customer is still responsible for gas and proof of insurance. Optional insurance may also be purchased at the time of rental. A credit card is required for a vehicle safety deposit. Drivers must be over the age of 25 and carry a valid driver’s license.


moving supplies onsite

Imagine having your moving supplies break or fall apart in the middle of your move and having to deal with your belongings getting scattered all over the place. Moving can already be stressful enough, but why have the added stress of having cheap and low-quality moving supplies?

At XYZ Storage aim to make the moving process as seamless as possible for you. That is why over the last 25 years we always tell our customers to buy high-quality boxes to help them get the job done. Lucky for you, at XYZ Storage we can be your one-stop-shop for all your packing and storage needs. We offer high-quality moving and packing supplies at our locations for purchase to help ease the process for you making it as stress-free as possible.

moving boxes

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moving kits

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red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, blue, green, and pink tape labels

tape and labels

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covers & bags

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the best storage team in the business

At XYZ storage we pride ourselves on having the best team of professionals who
strive to make our clients as happy and satisfied as possible every day. Our
Client Experience Managers will ensure that your XYZ Storage experience is a
positive and memorable one.

apply to be a member of the XYZ team

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comprehensive team training

At XYZ Storage we offer comprehensive team training to ensure that our employees are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide the best customer experience to our customers at all of our facilities.


monthly team building outings

Our teams work hard day in and day out to provide exceptional customer service to help our customers solve their storage needs. To continue building that momentum we always have exciting and fun monthly team outings to make our XYZ Storage team even stronger.


the best pay in the self-storage industry

We strongly believe in paying our employees the best pay in the self-storage industry. Our team does exceptional work in helping customers across Toronto and the GTA find the best second home for their belongings.


virtual assistance for all your needs

At XYZ Storage you will not only find our wonderful staff at our facilities assisting you with all of your storage needs, but we also have virtual assistance for your increased convenience. Whether you want to pay a bill, reserve a unit, or ask a question, we are here to assist you.


fully stocked kitchen

We care about our employees. We stock our facility fridges with everything our team needs to ensure they’re nourished and healthy. To bring their best self to work, they need to feel their best self and that starts with eating right.


healthcare and mental health benefits

Every full-time employee at XYZ Storage receives full healthcare benefits. Our team is dedicated to putting customers first but we want to be sure that they have access to the right services to feel and be their best in every aspect of their lives.

*We have drive throughs available at Weston, Lakeshore, and Eastern.

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