truck rental by XYZ Storage

XYZ Trucks

Introducing Truck Rental
by XYZ Storage

XYZ offers truck rental exclusively through All Canadian Trailers Inc. division.

With five new vehicles purchased this year, our fleet includes the latest safety and convenience features.

The minimum age requirement to rent a vehicle is 25 years old.


  • rearview camera
  • reversing sensors
  • back up alarm for pedestrians
  • partition to separate the driver from cargo
  • taller than typical competitor’s cargo vans (72″ compared to 56.9″)
  • more cargo space than competitor’s vans (315cu.ft/357cu.ft compared to 245cu.ft)
  • foldable ramp feature, on select vehicles

At all of our self storage locations, you are able to rent our XYZ Storage trucks starting at $29.95 a day and we only charge $0.49 for every km you drive! We have the most experienced and knowledgeable truck rental staff in the GTA. We offer a large inventory of wrapping and covers for furniture storage, packing supplies, moving/storage boxes, and locks. XYZ carries out all of its truck rental programs through XYZ Storage.

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