Decoding Annie Parker – Avon Screening

When Willow Breast Cancer Society hosts an event you know that All Canadian Self-Storage will be there. Over the years Hal Spradling has been a graciously invited his team to support Willow and the nights are always unforgettable. There was no doubt that he would make an appearance of the Decoding Annie Parker – Avon Exclusive event.

The whole night was filled with emotion as we watched Annie’s journey as a cancer survivor. Twelve of us were able to attend the VIP section (courtesy of Hal) where we sat with wine, appetizers and great company. When we entered the movie theatre there was popcorn and water waiting for us, the icing on the cake was that every seat had their own goodie bag from Avon (key item was the tissues!).

The movie was incredible, I know I don’t speak for myself when Annie came on stage all that I wanted to do was give her a warm hug. She has endured an incredible journey and is still a very strong lady. Based back in the 60’s Annie was determined to find out why she had cancer and every woman in her family. With the dedicated work from Mary-Clair King (a brilliant research geneticist) and her team they researched well into the 1980s and finally discovered of the location of the BRCA1 (hereditary breast cancer gene).

This movie made me realize that life is short, love the people you love and live the life you love. Life may seem hard sometimes but life will go on even if you don’t think so.
The message was loud and clear, never give up. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel even if you find yourself in a deep dark hole. Keep on believing you will get better, that’s what Annie did.



published: 31 July 2014