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XYZ Storage offers an exceptionally built state-of-the-art self-storage facility conveniently located in the Liberty Village neighbourhood to store their belongings safely and securely. There are many customizable Liberty Village self-storage solutions at affordable prices to store a few winter tires, bikes, or a whole condo unit worth of belongings. We also offer many other value-added services to enhance your storage locker experiences, such as packing and moving supplies for purchase, free truck rentals, and workspace. Our downtown Toronto self-storage facility is located on Eastern Avenue at the corner of Booth Avenue, providing the Liberty Village area easy access to their belongings.

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We make certain that you have access to whatever you require, whenever you require it, for every occasion in life, no matter how significant or insignificant.

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In today's business landscape, it's crucial to have contemporary storage solutions that cater to your needs. Our team is dedicated to optimizing your space to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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frequently asked questions about Liberty Village self storage

Q1. How much is a self-storage unit in Liberty Village?

The price of a self-storage unit in Toronto can range depending on the location in Toronto, the demand of the unit, and what you plan on storing will directly impact the size of the unit you need to rent. A compact-sized unit will differ from the price of renting a much larger unit size. XYZ Storage Liberty Village offers competitive pricing with all our self-storage units against other self-storage facilities in the Downtown core. We also offer exceptional service and amenities to enhance your overall moving and storage experience in Liberty Village.

Q2. What am I allowed to store in a Liberty Village self-storage unit?

Our XYZ Storage Liberty Village facilities allow you to store all of your belongings, including your furniture, appliances, electronics, clothes, antiques, tools, files, and much more! However, we do have a few restrictions on what you can store due to safety, health, and security reasons. Please do not store anything illegal, hazardous, alive, or any perishable food items. If you have any questions about what you are allowed to store, please reach out to our storage experts at one of our self-storage facilities in Liberty Village.

Q3. What size storage unit do I need in Liberty Village?

The size of the Liberty Village storage unit you will need to rent depends on how much you are looking to store. For example, if you have a bike you would like to store during the winter months we would not recommend a large size unit, but rather a small-sized unit. A good way to check and determine the size of the unit you are looking for is to take inventory of what you plan on storing. Our storage experts can then help guide you in picking the right-sized storage unit for your storage needs.

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