4X3X4 units; the perfect size for the right price

Do you have toys lying around the house and no matter how many times you “clean” the play pen it seems that it is truly never clean? These precious items can be hard to part with because you know how much your kids love them and who knows, maybe you’ll have another bundle of joy coming your way.

All Canadian Self Storage has the perfect size unit for you! Our 4X3X4 units are our most popular units; they are great to store those outgrown toys lying around your house.

These 4X3X4 units go like candy at ACSS, for only $25.00/month it’s hard not to take advantage of this value. All of our facilities feature these size units to help our customers who just need a little bit of space but don’t want to break the wallet.

Just recently our Weston Rd facility built over 60 4X3X4 units and in a just  over 2 months they were completely sold out! Well, it didn’t come as a surprise to our Toronto West employees as they rent out their last 4X3X4 units. “As soon as our customers move out, we have new customers waiting to move in!” (Says Tracey CSR at Weston Rd)

Today, Weston is still expanding their facility and will be the world’s only double drive through facility! They are working hard on expanding the upper level to build more units for our customers as we run close to 100% occupancy. All Canadian Self-Storage cannot thank our customers enough for all the support and dedication for the company.

Now it’s your turn, get your 4X3X4 unit today before they are all leased!

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published: 20 May 2015