Blue Jays Home Opener!

full baseball stadium filled with people, large red and white Canadian flag with the red maple leaf in the middle, baseball players lined up

This past monday our Toronto Blue Jays opened their door for their first game of the season! Toronto takes pride in their home teams and the stadium was filled with blue, white and red. With home opener towels they were handing out at the gate. I had the pleasure of attending my first home opener game, although,  it didn’t turn out the way many of us planned it was great to celebrate a new season with 48,414 Blue Jays fans. I could not have asked for a better experience with my loved one and friends.

This being my first home opener game I didn’t know what to expect all I knew that their was going to be a lot of baseball, beers and bleachers. There was news that The Rogers centre has implemented a new security system. It was all over the news that every Major League Baseball team has implemented regulations that require the clubs to use metal detectors at all the entrances. Like everyone else, we went to the game about 15 minutes early and got in with no problems. Everyone was worried that the new security system was going to take hours to get in but the Rogers team did it with ease and the process took about 20  minutes.

On April 13th, the Jays took on the Tampa Bay Rays for their first game of the season. Blue Jays fans were hooting and hollering with excitement as Ben Sheppard; a nine year old with Spastic Cerebral Palsy threw the first pitch. The game started great but as the game dwindled down the crowd was roaring with disappointment when the Jays came out with a loss of 2-1. The Jays have now lost four straight home openers, the first time in franchise history. The Blue Jays fans are not going anywhere;  just like our Toronto Maple Leafs fans, no matter how many games they lose they will never lose the love of their fans.



published: 17 April 2015