Empty Nest: What’s Next?

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As a parent, you may experience or have already experienced your child leaving the “nest” – your home. It could leave a parent thinking, what’s next? It can be seen as an exciting chapter; however, it may be a very difficult one for many. This is because as a parent you stopped asking yourself a long time ago about what you want and put your child first in every decision that you make. We at XYZ Storage want to help you get through this difficult transition and hopefully help you feel some relief at the end.

Start Fresh

Looking on the brightside – you can start fresh. Whether that is choosing to sell your home and downsize into a smaller one or possibly travel when the pandemic is over. The possibilities can be endless when you have an empty nest, and you should embrace the opportunity. This is your time as a parent to think about what you want and plan out how you want to spend the upcoming years ahead.

Revisit Old Hobbies or Find New Ones

Backtrack and think of all the interests and hobbies that you had and have forgotten about or haven’t had the time for recently. This is the time to pick up that instrument that hasn’t been touched for quite some time or create an art studio that will reinspire your creativity. Your changing diaper days are well over, so take this time and make it all about you.

Renovate Your Home

This can be the perfect time to renovate your home as it can help change up your surroundings. When your child leaves the home; you may find yourself thinking about turning their bedroom into your new home office, a home gym, a crafts room, or perhaps a guest bedroom. If you were holding off on redecorating your home for years, now is great opportunity to do exactly that.


When your child leaves the home, this can also be the ideal time to declutter your home. As your child packs away their belongings this can be a great opportunity to help them sort through their childhood belongings to see if this is something they wish to keep, throw away, sell, donate, or put into storage. For example, as they sort through their clothes, they may only wish to keep a handful and choose to donate the rest.

Turn to Self-Storage

Parting with your child’s belongings can be hard since your child may not want them when they’re off to university or off to start a family with their significant other. However, down the line you or your child may end up regretting departing with an item too early. The trick is to keep items that bring joy or are extremely sentimental such as a favourite childhood toy that they might want to pass down to their future child.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have the space to keep absolutely everything stored in their home. This is why self-storage can play a huge role and help! Self-storage can help you store the belongings that you or your child are not ready to part with. It can definitely save you from regretting giving away something too soon due to lack of storage space in your home.

At XYZ Storage, we are here to help with the big moments in your life and want to help you cherish all of your special memories! You can visit one of our self-storage facilities today and one of our self-storage experts would be more than happy to help you through this transition. We wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy this next chapter of your life!

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published: 5 February 2021