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scarborough boxes and moving supplies

here’s what you should know before you start packing

Whether you’re moving to your new home, you’re packing for storage, or both, there’s one thing that everyone who has ever contemplated getting a new place can agree on:

Moving is incredibly hard work.

There’s always an item you’ve forgotten to buy or a box of belongings that needed to be thrown out years ago. If you’re working against an expiring lease or a possession date, the pressure only goes up from there.
What can you do to avoid these problems during your move? Is there anything you can do to work towards a more seamless move this time around?

If it looks like you’ll be packing items for moving or for storage in the near future, here’s our best advice:

The first and most important step you can take towards making your storage or moving process easier is to plan ahead. Sit down and create a top to bottom list of all the items that you’re planning to put in storage or to take with you. Once you’ve done that, figure out a rough estimate of how big your items are. This is really just to ensure that you don’t end up with boxes that are the wrong size.

Next, you should figure out what you need to buy. Ideally, your to-buy list should include staple items like your boxes and cartons. But it should also feature lesser-known items like packing paper, bubble wrap, marker pens, sealing tape, and more.
And while we’re on the subject, are you planning to store or move any furniture? If your response to that question was “Yes”, make sure you buy furniture covers! Whether you’re planning to store your furniture away for a long time or for just as long as it takes you to drive to your new place, furniture covers can help you protect your belongings.

Call our Storage Experts at 416-424-3456 if you are looking into purchasing any packing and moving supplies. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready and willing to provide you with any information you need. You can spare yourself a lot of time and grief by taking advantage of the vast amount of moving and storage supplies that we have to offer.

Over the years, we’ve seen it all when it comes to moving and packing dilemmas. In our experience, it is always in your best interests to purchase more for your move than you think you’ll need. When it comes to making your move as seamless as possible, running out of supplies during a last-minute packing session. If you are worried about it not being a worthy investment, XYZ Storage got you covered as we will refund money on any unused moving boxes and packing supplies. We can also deliver your moving supplies to you.