Strange Self-Storage Stories

black background, brown box open, white stuffing falling out

We don’t like to talk about the weirder things people decide to put in storage, but it takes all

kinds. Over the years we’ve read about some of the bizarre scenarios self storage operators

have faced when unlocking an abandoned

, and taken note of some of the more unusual

items that consumers have chosen to save for a rainy day. For example:

Grandma: Yes, it’s happened. While more than a few people have secured the ashes of a

loved one or pet in a self storage unit, one family in Florida even decided to keep the casket

containing their grandmother in a self storage unit. The remains were found when manager

Kevin McKeon called the family to let them know their belongings were going to be auctioned off

unless they paid their bill, which had gone long overdue. Indignant, the self storage tenant told

Mr. McKeon he couldn’t possibly sell their stuff. As she explained quite sincerely, her mother

“had told me on her deathbed that Grandma is in the storage unit.” It remains unclear whether

criminal charges were filed.

NASA rockets: A storage unit close to Florida’s Cape Canaveral was found to contain an old

NASA rocket and countdown locking device by an auction buyer. Authenticated by an expert at

the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale, the equipment had apparently been

stored as memorabilia from the early days of the space program.


published: 3 November 2014