Time for Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning – you either love it or hate it. During this time of uncertainty, it is more important now than ever to pay attention to how often you are cleaning and disinfecting your home. Spring cleaning might have taken place in your household already with all this time being spent at home. However, for those of you who are just finding the time to tackle your spring cleaning this year here is a list of some of the items to check off your list as you make your way around the house.

Disinfect the Main Areas of Your Home

During this time, it is extremely important to keep all surfaces that are frequently being used clean. For example, any item that is frequently being touched by members of your home or any surfaces where your groceries are being placed. Spend some time disinfecting the following items in your home to prevent the spread of germs:

  • Doorknobs
  • Counters in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Sinks and other appliances
  • Light switches
  • Tabletops
  • Phones 

One of the best ways to disinfect these items, surfaces, groceries, or any take-out boxes you bring into your home is to use disinfecting wipes that contain at least 70% alcohol. It is important to disinfect the surfaces inside your home just as much as everything that you bring in. If you do not have any, an alternative solution could be using something as simple as soap and water. However, if you have bleach available mix that with water and create your own disinfectant solution. For more information on disinfecting the rest of your home, you can check out this article: How to disinfect every room in your house

Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Are you creating your dream kitchen? Maybe you always wanted to have an aesthetically pleasing pantry with all of your favourite snacks and ingredients? This can be a fun mini project for you to take on! Go ahead and organize your pantry with all of your favourite snacks. If you do not already have several containers to store your foods, Amazon is the way to go to help you create your dream pantry. These containers could be used to store cereal, baking ingredients (flour, brown sugar, or salt), cookies, and other dry foods. Check out this article to learn about the best storage containers to use for storing your dry food: The 5 Best Dry Food Storage Containers.


Take some time to go through all of your belongings and decide whether it is time to throw away something, give it away, or keep it. Decluttering can help ease your mind if your personal space is overcrowded. If it is simply taking up too much space in your room but would like to keep it, put it in storage. Do you not have enough storage space in your home? Self-storage can be the perfect solution to store the belongings you no longer have space for.

Wash Your Sheets and Blankets

Rip all of your bed sheets and blankets off your bed and pillows and throw them into the wash every so often. Make sure you check the labels on your bedding and blankets to ensure that you are washing and drying them properly. What is better than laying in fresh sheets? This is especially since you probably have been spending a lot of time in them being at home a lot more. 

Clean Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

With the weather getting a whole lot warmer now is the perfect time to bring out that outdoor furniture! Your cushions for your patio chairs have probably been in storage for the fall and winter seasons.It might be a good idea to clean your cushions before taking them out and taking that much needed outdoor nap you have been looking forward to all winter. You can also think about washing down your patio table, umbrella, and other furniture items so you can enjoy spending some extra time in the backyard this spring and summer.

We hope that our storage community is staying safe and healthy. As a friendly reminder, every Saturday you can stop by our 459 Eastern Avenue storage facility location for our socially distanced PPE collection drive in support of Conquercovid19. Your donations will help our brave frontline healthcare workers. To learn more about donating check out: Doing What We Can For Canada’s Healthcare Workers.

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published: 1 May 2020