Ways to Minimize Mental Clutter

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Do you ever feel like your brain is on overdrive and you cannot get your mind to quiet down even for a moment? Mental clutter could be taking up all the space in your mind and is keeping you from achieving a sound mental state. Some of us lead extremely fast-paced lives and sometimes it can be hard for us to handle all these external stressors without the proper tools. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health because most of the time the two go hand-in-hand. It is time to get rid of at least minimize some of that mental clutter you might be experiencing.

To-Do Lists

We are all human and cannot keep track of every single thing we have to do without driving ourselves absolutely crazy. Sometimes we could use a little help writing out everything we need to accomplish throughout the day, week, month. For example, if one of your friends has a baby shower on the first Saturday of May, but your daughter has a dance recital that day without that extra reminder you might forget. It is never a bad idea to try to keep you on track.

Digital Cleanse

One of the ways you could get rid of some of that unnecessary mental clutter is to do a digital cleanse. This could mean anything from limiting your screen time to the extreme where you completely cut yourself off from using any electronic devices. The reality is we live in a digital world and we rely on our phones and computers to get us through the day. However, it might be worthwhile to limit how much time you are spending on your phone or deactivating some of your social media for a few weeks. You would be surprised at how much it could improve your mental health!

Writing Your Thoughts

Your mind might be all jumbled up. Here is your chance to write it all down. If you do not have a notebook or journal you could purchase one. Spend at least 5-10 minutes writing how you feel at the beginning of your day or if you prefer the end of your day. This can help you declutter your mind before starting your day or help you recover from a stressful day.

Organize Your Physical Space

Sometimes we experience tonnes of mental clutter because our surroundings are not clean or organized. When you take the time to declutter your home it can help declutter your mind as well. You can start off by looking at the belongings you wish to keep, throw away, store, or donate. A good rule to keep in mind if you are not sure whether to keep or get rid of something is: if you have not used it within the last 6 months you probably would not use it again. To learn more about this formula check out this article: A Declutter Formula to Help You Throw Stuff Away Without Regret.

Remember, storage is always a wonderful option to make space in your home to get rid of some of that clutter. For example, toss those bags of winter clothes in storage during the summer months to free up some space in your bedroom closet. We at XYZ Storage do exactly that! Our goal is to help you declutter your home so that you can have a sound mind. Stay tuned for the next blog post where we tackle ways to get rid of physical clutter!


published: 20 March 2020