24/7 Access Storage Unit: What You Need to Know

One of the most sought-after features when people search for a self-storage solution, is the ability to access their unit beyond regular business hours. It’s a desirable feature for good reason as it can enhance the convenience of choosing to store in a storage unit. So, when searching for one it’s important to consider it in your decision on which facility and unit to pick to store your items.

In this article, we’ll cover the topics of the benefits of 24-hour access storage units, access codes at facilities, rules around the use of 24/7 access to your storage, and much more!

The Benefit of Extended Access Hours at XYZ Storage 

When it comes to 24-hour access, facilities can offer various options to their customers. Some self-storage companies provide the option to offer it to everyone, select customers, or not at all. 

At XYZ Storage, currently, we have a unique policy that is subject to change that is beneficial for our customers offering them convenience, flexibility, and security. To access your self-storage unit beyond regular business hours at one of our XYZ Storage facilities (excluding Etobicoke ), simply request access before the end of the business day. This ensures your belongings remain secure when you’re not accessing your unit. Due to not providing around-the-clock access to every customer, as it must be requested it’s highly beneficial for our customers since this extra layer of security. It allows us to keep track of who has access to our facilities during after-hours, which sets us apart. 

What Are the Security Measures Taken at 24/7 Storage Facilities?

The security measures across self-storage companies differ, so it’s hard to say what security measures are taken at every place that offers 24-hour access. Therefore, it’s best to contact the specific facility and see if it’s a priority for them to protect their customer’s rental units.

Of course, at XYZ Storage it’s a huge priority for us, regardless of whether you’re using our storage units for furniture, household items, or even vehicle storage. We prioritize the security of your belongings in our units, so you can keep your items in one of our storage units and have peace of mind doing so.

To uphold our commitment to the security of your items, all of our units at our XYZ Storage facilities are secure. Our facilities are equipped with top-notch security, including security cameras for the safety of our renters and their units. Our unique approach to requesting after-hours access allows you to rest easy knowing your belongings are secure in any of our storage units, whether it’s our easily accessible drive-up storage unit or one of our convenient indoor units.

Which Storage Facilities Offer 24/7 Access?

It’s important to check directly with the specific self-storage facility and location to learn about their policies and rules regarding access hours for their storage units. This includes extended hours and 24/7 access to your unit before you decide to rent at a specific facility and its location.

If you’re interested in storing with XYZ Storage, we currently offer 24/7 access available, upon request at all of our self-storage facilities except our Etobicoke storage location. Please reach out to our on-site managers if you would like to extend your access hours before the end of the business day or inquire if we still have it available.

What Are Access Codes?

Access codes are essential not only for the security of your belongings but also for other people’s belongings that are stored in the same place. So, what are access codes? An access code is an individual code provided to each renter and provides an extra level of security. These access codes not only provide security and peace of mind but also convenience so that renters can visit their storage unit regardless of the day and time. Renters will not be restricted to when they can access their belongings at the storage facility, which is a huge bonus for many people.

Does XYZ Storage Use Access Codes?

All our facilities use access codes! XYZ Storage also offers the EasyCode App except for Etobicoke, a technological feature that allows you to enter and leave our storage facility with a push of a button on your phone or tablet. This gives you a completely touchless experience when entering and exiting the vehicle – a huge bonus in the cold winter months!  

How Do I Protect My Belongings in a Storage Unit?

If you do choose to store your belongings in a facility with access beyond regular hours, you might be wondering how to protect your belongings in a unit. There are several ways to exercise extra precaution while storing in a unit including:

  1. Use high-quality locks for your storage unit.
  2. Avoid a storage space that does not regulate extreme temperatures and choose a temperature-controlled unit, especially for temperature and humidity-sensitive belongings, such as expensive artwork or photo albums to prevent damage.
  3. Use strong packing supplies, such as sturdy boxes when you store away your belongings in your storage unit.
  4. Keep a running list of what you stored in your unit, so you remember what you stored and if anything does go missing you have a record of everything stored in your storage unit.

What Are the Benefits of Long-Term Storage?

Long-term storage offers a range of benefits for both personal and business use including:

  1. Valuable for storing seasonal items that are not used on a daily basis, such as Halloween or Christmas decorations. This way it’s not taking up valuable storage space in your home.
  2. It’s a great solution for decluttering your home and will help you create a more organized and clean living environment.
  3. If you’re an avid traveler for months at a time, a storage unit can help you store your belongings long-term without having to worry about them while you travel.
  4. Storing your belongings long-term in a temperature-controlled storage unit can help preserve and protect your belongings versus storing them in your basement, which could fluctuate in temperature and humidity levels.

These are only a few of the benefits of long-term storage, but hopefully, they give you a good sense of how valuable renting a storage unit can be, especially in the long term.

What Items Are Prohibited in Storing in a Storage Unit?

These prohibited items can vary across different facilities, however, some of the more common restrictive items can include:

  • Any hazardous materials, such as chemicals, explosives, and flammables.
  • Absolutely no food since it can attract unwanted creatures like rodents or insects and as a result, they can in turn damage your belongings.
  • Anything that is stolen or illegal.
  • Live animals or pets since storage units are not meant for anything alive to be staying there.

It’s important to first check with the on-site managers at your chosen facility to learn what is permitted to be stored in your unit and what is prohibited to store.

Can You Sleep in a Storage Unit?

Storage units are meant for storing personal items and possessions. Unfortunately, you cannot sleep in your storage unit. Renting a storage unit to live in is strictly prohibited and against the regulations to do so. If you require living accommodations, you should seek appropriate housing options designed for people to live and sleep in.

After-hours access is a convenient feature offered by many facilities. However, ensure that you adhere to the policies and legalities set at your specific self-storage facility since it can vary from facility to facility and each of their locations.

If you have any questions or concerns, either before or while renting with us at one of our XYZ Storage facilities about after-hour access, please do not hesitate to contact our storage experts. You can check out one of our many locations around Toronto and the GTA including our Toronto West, Toronto Midtown, Toronto Downtown, Scarborough, and Etobicoke facilities to view our units or ask any questions you may have.

At XYZ Storage, we continuously strive to provide exceptional service, so we’re more than happy to help out in any way we can! Happy storing!


published: 23 November 2023