4 Ways to Brighten up Your Home for Spring

Open space living and dining room interior with gray sofa, wooden tables, white chairs and plants. Real photo

Many of us have been feeling restless with all of the days being spent at home and wanting to enjoy the nice weather. However, there are many ways that you could still enjoy the spring season right at home or in your backyard while adhering to the social distancing rules. Brighten up your home for spring whether you need to have a change in atmosphere, planning on selling/staging your home, or just want to bring in the spring spirit into your home. We at XYZ Storage have four ways to help you brighten up and enhance your home (inside or outside) for spring.

1. Colourful Pillows, Linen, and Blankets

Put away all of your dark-coloured pillows and blankets and trade them in for some light/colourful ones. For instance, in your living room instead of having darker blues try brighter greens or yellows to enhance your space. The same goes for the bedroom instead of having darker tones go for some lighter ones whether it be pastel colours or white.

2. Painting Your Walls

The colour of your walls can play a role in your mood as it’s what surrounds you on a day-to-day basis. One way to introduce spring into your home is to consider re-painting your walls with a brighter and fresher colour. Are you currently renovating your home? If so, this would be a great opportunity to add painting your walls to your list of things to do. Painting your walls also is important to consider especially when you are looking to sell your home and stage it for potential buyers. 

3. Flowers and Plants

Introducing greenery to your living space can add just the right amount of colour as well as create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in your home whether they are placed in the kitchen, living room, or even bathroom. Flowers and plants can increase the quality of air within your home. For instance, a snake plant can be highly beneficial in purifying the air in your home and can do very well in benefiting those that live in a condo/apartment or even in a house. Try to add flowers and plants (whether real or fake) into your home to help improve your overall mood and look of your home.

4. Decorate Your Backyard or Porch

With the stay-at-home order in place and the nice weather, we are sure that many of you are spending a lot more time in your backyard lately whether it is gardening or enjoying a couple of drinks outside. You could consider enhancing your backyard with a fire-pit or heater to enjoy some quality time with your family. You could also hang up some string lights to enhance the atmosphere in your backyard as well. Unfortunately, with little to no place to go throughout this pandemic, it is a great way to spend real quality time with your loved ones safely. Maintaining and spending time decorating your backyard and porch can help you see the worthiness in spending more time outside.


Happen to come across any belongings that you no longer have the space for or wish to place in storage while you do your spring cleaning/setting up your décor? We at XYZ Storage would be more than happy to help you out with our customizable storage solutions. As a friendly reminder, we have moving and packing supplies available for purchase at our self-storage facilities as well as truck rentals. We understand that moving and storage can be an overwhelming process, but here at XYZ Storage we help by making the process go as smooth as possible with your convenience in mind.

From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times!


published: 14 May 2021