5 Holiday Storage Hacks You Should Know

holiday storage hacks

It is a new year which means Christmas and the holidays have unfortunately come to an end. This also means that it is time to take down your holiday decorations and store them until the holidays roll around again in December. For most of us, we spend the first part of January taking down our holiday decorations whether it is the Christmas tree in the living room, the lights strung outside, or the reef hung on the front door. We have 5 holiday storage hacks that can help make the process a lot more organized and a little less stressful.

Hack #1: Storage Containers

Storage containers can be useful for storing all sorts of your belongings including holiday decorations. Head straight to the store or purchase storage containers online to store all of your lights, gift bags, and ornaments. What about the size of the storage container? That all depends on how you wish to organize your decorations! You can purchase multiple larger containers if you wish to throw all your Christmas ornaments in one container with lights in another. However, if you would like to categorize even further you can organize the different ornaments you have into smaller containers within one drawer. One section can be used to store silver ornaments while another could be used to store ribbons/bows.

Hack #2: Egg Cartons

Want to find a use for all those egg cartons you throw away after you finish all your eggs? We found one for you! A quick and easy way for you to divide your Christmas ornaments is to place them individually in egg cartons. This will help separate all your ornaments to avoid breakage and having to buy new ones. If you have ornaments that are dear to your heart this a smart way to keep them safe. Think about this the next time you plan on throwing away your egg cartons. Cups work too to protect your special ornaments!

Hack #3: Clothing Bags to Store Wrapping Paper

Bought too much wrapping paper? Having trouble figuring out where to store it all? Here is a cool and useful trick to make sure that your gift-wrapping paper will still be in good condition for the next time you have to wrap multiple gifts. You can place them in wine boxes so that the wrapping paper rolls will be held upright or place multiple rolls in a clothing bag and hang it in your closet. It will keep your wrapping paper much more organized and in close to perfect condition to be stored with all of your other holiday decorations and essentials.

Hack #4: Using Clothing Hangers

If you have a lot of lights from either your tree or from your front porch use clothing hangers to help store them. All you have to do is wrap them around a hanger to prevent the lights from being tangled. This will make it easier for you to store and to bring out again next year. It is a much better idea than just throwing them in a box and storing it in your basement.

Hack #5: Take Advantage of Self-Storage

Finding your home, a little cluttered? Use self-storage as a solution to store any of your holiday decorations and it is also perfect for storing any of your seasonal equipment. This can help you declutter your home and make space by storing your holiday decorations that you bring out once a year in a self-storage facility. That is exactly what we do here at XYZ Storage, we help make space for all the other things that bring joy to your life.

We hope you use at least one of these holiday storage hacks to make your experience with storing your holiday decorations a lot better. From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you and your loved ones had a safe and happy holiday season!


published: 10 January 2020