5 Tips to Help Make Moving Easier

Make Moving Easier

Are you planning on downsizing or relocating and starting a new chapter in your life? Moving can be one of those experiences that a person can do once or several times throughout their lifetime. It can be an extremely lengthy process, but it can also be one that must be accomplished in a matter of days. If you find yourself having to move during a time of uncertainty it can be more overwhelming especially with the timing of COVID-19 and other hardships, we as a society are currently facing. However, there are ways you and your family can avoid a move that takes a toll on your physical and mental health. Here are 5 tips to guide you through the moving process especially during this pandemic:

1. Staying Organized

Lists and schedules are going to be your best friend! You may find yourself a little disorganized throughout the moving process,  however, wherever you can insert ways to be a little more organized can go a long way. For example, you can have a calendar with all the important dates that should be documented (e.g. move-out day). You should also consider taking an inventory of all your belongings in each room and labeling all of your boxes. Another important list to have is all of the moving supplies you need to ensure packing your belongings go smoothly. These are just some of the ways you can stay organized throughout the moving process. You do not want to be in a situation where you are nowhere close to being finished packing or even worse your professional movers arrive at your door and you are nowhere to be found.

2. Pack or Throw Away

Moving can be seen as the perfect opportunity to declutter your belongings. Why not save yourself the extra time and money from having to move belongings that you do not want to bring into your new home? If you are going through your belongings anyways you can decide whether there are some things you rather leave behind. This leaves more of an opportunity to have a fresh start and only pack what you need or want in your new home.

3. Do Not Pack Essentials…Yet

Moving especially in a short time frame can be a challenge to properly pack your belongings. Pack all of your essentials last so that when you move into your new home those are the items that will be at the top. This is important especially for those of you that do not have the time to unpack and organize every single room in the house when you first move in. This way you know where to grab your toothbrush instead of digging through all of your moving boxes the first week.

4. Consider Storing at Minimum Contact Storage Facilities

Trying to figure out where to store your belongings temporarily during a move? During this time of uncertainty, you may find yourself concerned about placing your belongings in storage for the time being. However, there are self-storage facilities that are successfully responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting their business practices to ensure the safety of their customers, staff, and community members. We at XYZ Storage have done exactly that by providing minimum contact storage solutions to our customers because we care about your safety and the safety of others. Self-storage can still be a viable option to serve as a temporary storage solution during this time and can be of great help to those of you in need of more storage space.

5. Take Extra Precautions During the Move

Moving is not an easy process and there likely will be a time where you need to hire professional movers or have your friends assist you during this transition. There is no harm in asking friends and family for the extra help, however, it is important to take extra precautions. Whenever possible wash and/or sanitize your hands frequently to avoid the spread to whoever you come in contact with. We also highly advise you and whoever is helping you move your belongings to wear a mask especially around others who are outside of your household.

From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you have a safe and successful move!


published: 17 July 2020