All About Bicycle Storage

Moving into a new house

A bicycle can be highly beneficial and can be something worth investing in as it can help you get around places in the city, help you relieve stress during these overwhelming times, or simply to get exercise on a daily basis. Perhaps you do own one and you don’t view it as a great investment, but you want to keep it around just in case you decide to use it eventually. Owning a bicycle also comes with having to worry about where to store it and how to store it properly. That’s where we at XYZ Storage come in with the tips and tricks to storing your bicycle so you can enjoy having it around.

Prepping Your Bicycle for Storage

Before storing away your bicycle you want to make sure that it is well-prepared especially if you plan on storing it away for a longer period of time. For example, you want to ensure that the bike frame is wiped down and washed to remove any dirt before storing it. While doing so, it might also be the perfect time to check all the chains to see if anything is broken or damaged before you place it in storage. This will also be a great opportunity to inflate your tires as well.

How and Where to Store Your Bicycle at Home

Your bicycle can be kept almost anywhere in your house that works for you. However, here are a few places where it could be beneficial:

  • Garage
  • Basement 
  • Balcony (if your building allows it)
  • Inside your apartment or condo in your living room if you have the space

For those of you that store your bicycle in the garage or basement, keep in mind you can also save space if you choose to hang your bicycle instead of just having it leaning on the wall. 

Turn To Self-Storage

Living in the city and owning a bicycle can be one of the greatest forms of transportation to get around to places. This is especially true if you do not enjoy walking, taking public transportation, or own a vehicle/have a parking spot. In this case, having a bike can be extremely beneficial. However, for those of you that have a bicycle, but because you live in the heart of Downtown you also lack storage space in your small 500 square foot condo or apartment. Self-storage can be ideal in these situations to store your bicycle all year round or seasonally. We at XYZ Storage have plenty of storage options whether you want to just store your bicycle or have other belongings you would like to store as well. Stop by one of our locations and we’d be more than happy to assist you and solve your storage problems!


published: 21 August 2021