All About Halloween Storage

halloween party

Is October 31st a day you just cannot get enough of? Chances are you or someone you know is all about that Halloween spirit and can’t wait to start filling the house with décor and prepping those fun costumes. When the fun and games end, where do you end up storing your Halloween decorations and costumes? If you are anything like us at XYZ Storage, we are all about the Halloween spirit and know exactly how you should properly pack and store all your Halloween belongings. 

Dust and Clean Décor 

Do you have a tradition where every year in October you put out a creepy skeleton or a bunch of tombstones in your front yard? For those of you with a tonne of cool Halloween décor, you should dust and wipe them down before you put them out for display. When you decide to take it all down and pack away for next year dust and wipe them down again. Make sure you also properly pack away any breakable décor using bubble wrap and place it into a box. You don’t want any of your precious Halloween décor to break before you get to display it again next year!

Wash and Dry Costumes

Whether you like reuse Halloween costumes or not, it is always a good idea to clean yours or your child’s Halloween costume before packing it away in storage. Who knows your child might have a little too much fun with their Halloween candy and there might be huge chocolate stains on their princess or superhero outfit. Maybe they were running a little too fast to get to the next house handing out candy and ripped their customer. If you are trying to save the costume for next Halloween, you should tackle all the messes and rips beforehand. Remember to check the labels on the costumes, so you know how to properly wash and dry them. You would not want to accidentally throw it in the washing machine or dryer when it was supposed to be hand-washed.

Pack Away and Store 

When packing away décor, costumes, and any Halloween makeup make sure you pack it all away carefully and label everything. Get as many boxes as you need and start labeling everything with a marker so you know for next year what is it which box. If you’re looking for your child’s creepy Halloween mask it will be a lot easier to find it if your boxes were labeled. Are you finding yourself in a situation where you have no space to store your Halloween stuff? At XYZ Storage, we love Halloween and would love to help you store all your Halloween related belongings at one of our secure facilities. We are all about making space for all the big things happening in your life, even the scary ones. 

When heading out with your children next week to trick or treat or are going to a friend’s Halloween party make sure you and your loved ones have fun and stay safe. Trick or treat from all of us at XYZ Storage!


published: 25 October 2019