All About Short-Term Storage

Ready to move. Pretty dark-haired girl taping the box with kitchen cutlery while packing her belongings before moving out of the apartment

Our lives are filled with many exciting and overwhelming times, and some of these experiences that we go through can be eased with the help of self-storage. Self-storage can be extremely useful, whether you are downsizing, going through a break-up, renovating your home, emptying your “nest”, or looking to store your seasonal belongings. You can rent a storage unit for a few months or a few years. For those of you looking to rent for under three months that would be considered as using self-storage as a short-term storage solution. A long-term solution would be more than three months. To help make the packing and storing process convenient and easy for you, we at XYZ Storage have compiled a few helpful tips for those of you looking to store your belongings for three months or less.

What is short-term storage?

Short-term storage is usually when you store your belongings for three months or less. Many places offer short-term storage solutions by offering monthly rental prices, which allow you to pay monthly. There are many reasons why someone would want to store their belongings for a short amount of time. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Temporarily in-between places
  • Renovating your home
  • Student storage during the summer months
  • Seasonal storage

Tips for short-term storage 

Choosing a temperature-controlled facility

When storing your belongings for the short term it is important to keep in mind that if you do have belongings that you wish to store that are sensitive to the temperature you should probably be looking for a temperature-controlled facility. Specifically, during the cold winter months or the hot summer months, temperature-controlled storage units could be highly beneficial in keeping your belongings safe even for a short period of time.

Inventory of your belongings

This can be helpful for anyone planning on storing their belongings for one month or for years. No matter how long you are planning on placing it all in storage it is always a good idea to take an inventory/make a list of everything. One of the main reasons being to help yourself organize and to help out your future self. A great example of why you should have a list of everything you plan on storing in storage is you do not want to be looking for your child’s favourite toy and accidentally placing it in a box in storage while you do home renovations. Save yourself the trouble later and try your best to keep track of what is being stored.

Organize your storage unit

If you plan on storing your belongings for only a few months, chances are you might be making frequent trips. Organize your belongings in your storage unit strategically so that you can reach specific boxes without tripping over anything. Make sure that there is plenty of walking room for you to go in and out safely.

XYZ Storage can help

XYZ Storage can help with all of your short-term storage needs! We offer customizable storage solutions at flexible and affordable storage unit prices. You can make any of our storage locations located in Toronto and the GTA the home for your belongings including our Toronto Downtown, Toronto West, Scarborough, Toronto Midtown, and Etobicoke facilities. We’ll help you provide a safe home for your belongings so that you could continue living your life without making any compromises or sacrifices even if it is for the short term.


published: 28 May 2021