Classic Movie, Chateaubriand, and Fine Wine Night

movie night, four men sitting at a rectangular table with a yellow table cloth, wine glasses and alcohol on the table, one man standing in the back holding a black bottle of wine, white and red wall

Lights, camera, and action!

What do you think of when you read this popular saying? Movies of course!
Movies are big around All Canadian Self-Storage. We love to kick back after a busy month of self-storage and watch a classic film with our co-workers and friends.

Now I don’t know about you but I think that the perfect night is dinner and a movie, the combination defines relaxation. Each month Hal and Stacey invite team members, associates, and friends to what they call “Classic Movie, Chateaubriand, and Fine Wine Night.”

The night starts around 6:00 PM-7:00 PM with a couple of appetizers and some fine wine. As everyone mingles at our Laird facility, Hal and some helpers are in the kitchen finishing some last steps before serving a wonderful dinner for everyone to enjoy.

When everyone has been served dinner, Stacey usually starts the night by giving interesting facts and trivia about the movie and will continue to do so throughout the night. All Canadian Self-Storage staff is huge fans of old classic films (ex. The amazing “Psycho”), just recently we all got together and watched a great fun comedy classic “Last Holiday” starring Alec Guiness and written by J.B. Priestley.

To finish the night off right, Christine (from our Scarborough location) would make a fabulous desserts including the best tasting Key Lime Pie that Stacey has ever tasted. If this pie is as amazing as it sounds I am in!

There a many reasons for All Canadian Self-Storage to hold these movie nights once a month. Not only is it a stress free, relaxing event but it is a time to see our employees all together that we may not see every day. We also get our new employees to come so they are introduced to some of our coworkers from different facilities. Our company is family and we try to get together once a month for a great meal, fine wine, and a classic film.
Classic Movie, Chateaubriand, and Fine Wine Night are what a bunch of our employees and friends look forward to each month. Our employees and friends cannot wait to see what the next movie will be for the month of August!

We want to thank Hal Spradling and all the helpers that help make our movie night a success.


published: 26 July 2013