EasyCode Is Now Available At XYZ Storage Facilities

Easy Code

The time has finally come where our self-storage facilities now have EasyCode access. Are you one of those people that have trouble remembering their passwords/passcodes? With this advanced technology, we save you from having to remember another passcode. You might be asking yourself the following questions:

What is EasyCode?

It is a technological feature that we have added to our XYZ Storage facilities to allow customers/tenants to use the EasyCode application on their mobile phones to unlock gates and doors within our facility. You no longer have to get out of your vehicle to press a code on a keypad. With EasyCode, you can enter and leave our facility with a push of a button. Say goodbye to struggling to remember your passcode and hello to convenience!

How does it work?

1)    Download the EasyCode application on your mobile device. It is available to both Apple and Android users through the App Store and Google Play.

2)    Enter your key site – this could be found in your welcome letter. Unable to find your key site/authorization code? Contact us through email or phone and we will help you gain access to this incredible premium feature!

3)    You are all set! Press away that button to unlock all gates/doors in your self-storage facility

Which of your locations has EasyCode access?

Have you checked out our new Toronto Downtown location? It just opened late last year and of course, we have EasyCode access installed throughout the facility! Aside from our Toronto Downtown, our Toronto Midtown, Toronto West, and Scarborough locations all have EasyCode access enabled.

Do I need to pay for it?

The best part of it is that it is free of charge for our customers that rent a unit with us! You get the added convenience without the added price.

If you are interested in learning more about EasyCode access at our XYZ Storage facilities please feel free to head to one of our self-storage locations and check it out for yourself today. We would love to hear your thoughts about it!


published: 1 February 2020