Do you use a 4-week or monthly pay cycle?

Get 8% off a Year with Monthly Storage Charges from XYZ Storage

Monthly Storage Charges

Choose XYZ Storage for all of your storage needs. We charge per month and we provide prorated billing for both when you move in and when you move out. This makes it easy to pay for your storage and you never have to worry about hidden fees or 4-week pay cycles.

More Flexibility

Unlike other storage companies, we don’t charge every 4-weeks. This means that you only ever pay for 12 pay cycles per year, instead of the 13 pay cycles you would pay with a 4-week pay cycle. This saves you 8% each year on your storage costs.

Prorated Billing

At XYZ Storage, we provide prorated billing so that you only pay for the time you actually stored with us. Whether you move in mid-month or move out mid-month, you will be charged for the exact amount of time used. This makes it easy to transition in and out of storage whenever you need to.