Food; a Perfect Way to Turn Our Employees into Family

two brown and white pots, black bowl with colourful chopped vegetables, two silver plates with food on a brown table

Food and wine are very important to our staff here at All Canadian Self-Storage. We may be a self-storage company where we rent units and moving trucks to our customers but deep down inside there is a true love of cooking. In fact one of the questions our managers ask at every interview is; “can you cook?” in our company, food is what keeps us close together like a family.
At All Canadian there are a lot of different ethnic backgrounds, which means a large variety of different meals. It’s great to work with a company where you can expand your food and wine knowledge; we try something new every day at the Weston location.
This past Wednesday Hal cooked an amazing meal for a large group of people at the Weston Road location; this includes: our staff at All Canadian Self-Storage, the staff at Phantom Industries (a company who works up stairs), and CTC (a company who works on the other side of our building). “I love to entertain and cook for people, but ever since I was younger I always had a fear of not cooking enough food for everyone at the party.” Hal Spadling.
When Hal decides to make lunch for everyone we make sure we prepare ourselves for a fantastic meal. The CEO of Phantom Industries just came back from a leave of absence this week so it was perfect timing to make a gourmet lunch for everyone in the building.
Don’t worry Hal, there was enough food for everyone to have seconds and it was so delicious that everyone did. I don’t think anyone left work feeling hungry; they probably came into work the next day craving more!
This meal included a couple of pickled appetizers, pork and beef roast (whatever you prefer), roasted potatoes, warm bread, and a fresh bean salad. I couldn’t resist not taking a second helping and I don’t think anyone else could either. It was defiantly all we could talk about for the rest of the day; it was excellent.
I don’t know any other company that takes care of their employees as All Canadian; you are hired into a family and are treated with love and respect.
The afternoon was filled with chit chat, laughs, and full stomachs. I love working at All Canadian Self-Storage; every day seems to end with a surprise.
I know that all of our employees, family, and friends are just itching for Hal to cook another meal. You are great Hal, thank you for your hospitality!


published: 11 August 2013