Getting Your Backyard Ready for Summer

getting your backyard ready

The weather is getting warmer and most of us are craving some time outside. Your backyard can be the perfect spot for you to kick back and relax this summer. However, that also means you may have to prepare your backyard and get it ready for the warm months coming up ahead. Here are a few ways you can prepare your backyard for the summertime:

Prepare Your Fence, Deck, and Other Décor

Take a look at what is currently in your backyard including your fence, deck, and other décor items. You might have already noticed that your fence or deck needs a fresh coat of paint after the harsh winter. You can also hose down your deck to wash any dirt accumulated on it from the winter season. Pay some attention to any lights or decorative items you have outside and clean them if necessary.

Getting Your Patio Furniture from Storage

Spending time at home doesn’t seem as bad if you have a nice backyard to spend some time in. To get your backyard ready you should grab all of your patio furniture and other summer equipment from storage whether that is from your garage, basement, shed, or self-storage unit. Some of the items you might consider bringing out are your patio furniture, gardening equipment, flowerpots, and other outdoor décor for the summer. If you have your summer equipment and patio furniture stored at one of our XYZ Storage facilities, you can stop by and grab it from your unit anytime.

Cleaning Your Summer Belongings

Once you have brought out all of your backyard necessities you should highly consider cleaning all of it. Think about all of the months your patio furniture has spent in storage and all of the dust and dirt that has probably accumulated on them. Make sure to follow washing directions of the cushion labels to learn how to correctly wash them. You also want to hose down your patio table, chairs, and umbrella as well as wiping them down. Do not forget to clean your barbeque so you can spend the next few months cooking delicious BBQ dinners with your friends and family. Have a pool in your backyard? Get that cleaned as well so your pool is ready for some lounging on pool floaties or dipping your toes in the cool water. When you are finally done you can enjoy sitting poolside with a good book and your favourite drink.

Buy New Outdoor Furniture

Is it time to purchase new patio furniture? Look up some of the nice furniture you can purchase for your backyard this 2020 summer. Here are some ideas of some of the pieces you can buy:

  • Love smores or the smell of burning firewood? You can check out some of these firepits for your backyard.
  • Want to spend more time in your backyard, but all you have are worn out chairs? Look at some of these comfy couches and chairs.
  • Is your backyard the go-to place for backyard barbeques? Check out some of these dining sets that you can buy, so that you can enjoy hosting your friends and family.

There are many places you can find a lot of these outdoor furniture pieces that fit your style and lifestyle. Find pieces that fit you and your family.

Set Everything Up and Enjoy

When everything is cleaned and bought you can spend your time setting it all up and getting your backyard ready to enjoy. Head over to a garden centre and purchase a few plants or flowers to enhance your backyard. Always wanted a vegetable garden? Here is your chance! If you are fortunate enough to have all this free time, then take advantage of it and enjoy it.

When Summer Ends…

We at XYZ Storage would be happy to store your patio furniture in our self-storage facilities. All you have to do is let us know what storage problem you have, and we can help you come up with a customizable solution that works for you. This goes for all of the homeowners, renters, and business owners out there that lack the space to store their patio furniture and want an easy and customizable storage solution to your storage problem.

Recently purchased a boat this year or been having trouble finding a place to store your boat during the cold winter months? We at XYZ Storage can help you store your boat during the off-season providing the ultimate protection and accessibility. You can find more information about preparing your boat for storage and the benefits of placing it in self-storage here.

From all of us at XYZ Storage, we wish you a safe and happy summer!

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published: 19 June 2020