Guide to Storing Your Furniture

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There are many reasons why you may find yourself needing to store away your furniture in storage. Perhaps you need to store all the furniture in your one-bedroom apartment temporarily or maybe you plan on doing home renovations and have limited space to store your furniture. No matter what your reason is, we at XYZ Storage want to help! Storing furniture in storage can be an overwhelming process from getting the furniture prepared, moved, and placed in self-storage. Here are our tips and tricks to help make the process a whole lot smoother and some ways to protect your furniture in the process.

Cleaning Your Furniture

Cleaning your furniture is an important step in protecting it while in storage. This goes for all of your furniture including couches, television sets, tables, beds, appliances, rugs, etc. Cleaning could mean washing your pillows, wiping down your tables to remove dust, or thoroughly cleaning your refrigerator. By doing so will help keep your furniture in great condition during the duration they are placed in storage. You certainly do not want any mold or awful odours filling up your storage unit!

Prepare Your Furniture

Prepare your furniture before you move or store it away. For example, if you can remove your drawers from your dresser or if you can take apart your table then do it. Taking the time to disassemble your furniture will do you and those helping you move wonders. Not only will it be easier to pack away, but it will be less work when moving your furniture from point A to point B.

Moving and Packing Supplies

To protect your furniture whether it is during the move or in storage it is important to use the appropriate packing supplies to secure your furniture. Some of the supplies you may want to consider purchasing for your furniture can include:

  •   Cardboard boxes to accurately fit your pieces of furniture
  •   Bubble wrap and packing peanuts
  •   Wrapping paper
  •   Furniture wraps and covers

If you are looking for moving and packing supplies, we at XYZ Storage believe in being your one-stop-shop for all of your moving and storage needs. You can purchase moving and packing supplies at any of our self-storage facilities or online on our website.

Choosing the Correct Sized Unit

Choosing the right sized storage unit for you is extremely important in protecting your belongings. You do not want to cram all of your furniture in a 75-150 square foot storage unit when you really need to go up a storage unit size. This of course could possibly damage your furniture if you are stacking your furniture one on top of each other without thinking about how it is being placed. The goal is to leave enough room so that it could be strategically organized, and nothing will be in risk of falling/getting damaged throughout the duration your belongings will be in storage.

Looking for Self-Storage?

At XYZ Storage we have customizable storage solutions to store your couch or even your entire one-bedroom apartment! We are here to help you and support all of your storage and moving needs – just let us know as we would be more than happy to help.

As a friendly reminder, our facilities are still open for essential reasons only and that we are following all safety precautions to help keep our customers, staff, and communities safe. From all of us at XYZ Storage, we wish you the best of luck with storing your furniture and belongings!


published: 12 March 2021