How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Bathroom

Maximize Storage Space in Your Bathroom

Do you only have one bathroom in your home that you have to share? One shared bathroom with multiple members of your household can be an absolute storage nightmare! The bathroom is a room that is being used constantly throughout the day for multiple purposes. We understand the struggle of having to take turns to use the bathroom to get ready for work or getting the kids ready for bed. Your life is already filled with busy schedules and the lack of bathroom storage should be the least of your worries. Here are a few tips to hopefully help you maximize your bathroom storage without feeling overwhelmed in the limited space you have: 

1. Make Use of the Wall Space

Most people forget that wall space is just as valuable as square footage especially when it comes to finding extra space for storage. You can take advantage of any extra wall space to place hooks or racks for your towels. Your bathroom wall space can also be used to build shelves to hold baskets or containers filled with your bathroom necessities. If you are into DIY-ing your hooks or shelves then go for it and save yourself a little money! Wall space is perfect for placing any cute decor that you may not have the counter or floor space for such as plants or photos. 

2. Taller and Slimmer

Look for taller and slimmer storage options whether it is cabinets or shelving units to maximize your space. By gearing your purchases towards taller options you can minimize how much square footage your storage units are taking up yet maximizing how much storage space you can have. You might as well make use of all that vertical space in your small bathroom as opposed to looking at purchasing shorter and wider cabinets or shelves.

3. Shower Storage

It is a good idea to get your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash off the side of the bathtub or off the shower floor. Get yourself a shower caddy to organize all of your hygiene products. By doing this it can help you organize the space where you take a bath or shower. It will help make the space feel less cluttered and everything will have its place. 

4. Containers and Baskets

Containers and baskets are perfect for organizing all of your clutter. They come in a variety of sizes to hold all of your makeup, towels, cleaning supplies, and so much more! There are plenty of aesthetically pleasing and convenient ways to store all of your bathroom necessities while maximizing your space. 

5. Declutter

Is your bathroom making you feel overwhelmed every time you use it or are you having trouble keeping it organized? Here is the first step: declutter! When you have an unnecessary amount of clutter whether it is old cleaning supplies or unused hair brushes it takes up all of this valuable space. Take the time to go through all of your belongings and ask yourself if this is something you need or is it taking up valuable space. This way you are only storing what you need and those that bring added value to your daily life.

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Need More Storage Space?

Still finding yourself lacking storage space in your bathroom? We at XYZ Storage can help you store any of the belongings that you wish to keep but do not want in your home taking up space. We understand that your life is big so we are here to help you make space for the valuable things in your life. You can store your belongings at one of our secure self-storage facilities around Toronto and the GTA. From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you found some of these tips helpful and start working towards maximizing the storage space in your bathroom!

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published: 7 August 2020