How To Pack Dishes For Storage

The packing and moving process is already extremely overwhelming, and knowing how to pack and wrap your dishes properly, and other items can help relieve some of that stress. It is one less thing to worry about when transporting your belongings from one place to another. It can be even more stressful if those dishes are antiques or hold sentimental value to you and members of your family. We at XYZ Storage want to help you ease some of that pressure by sharing with you our top tips for packing your dishes for storage, whether it is short-term in a moving truck or for longer term away in storage. When you are prepared, and do your research beforehand, you can help protect the belongings most important to you.

Packing Supplies for Dishes

Start by making sure that you have all the packing materials you need to get started to pack away all of your dishes, pots, pans, glassware, and etc. It will help you be more efficient in the process rather than finding and purchasing supplies midway through your moving process. Here are some of the supplies you will need:

  1. Moving boxes that are slightly more durable than regular boxes to help protect your dishes from breaking. These boxes tend to have thicker walls and are the more expensive option; however, it may be worth it in the end when it keeps everything safe.
  2. Gather plenty of newspaper, crumpled paper or bubble wrap to use to wrap and pack cups, glass, and bowls for added protection and extra padding when they are moving in transit. By doing so it will ensure that when you are storing dishes away, it is completely covered and properly packed to avoid any damage during the move. Over the next few to several weeks, collect the newspapers and crumpled paper you have and save them for when you are ready to pack away your dishes or other fragile belongings. You can also purchase packing paper if you do not want to worry about the off chance newspaper ink smudges all over your plates.
  3. Markers and labels are essential to label your boxes so you do not get confused which moving box has which of your belongings. You can also mark them as “fragile”, so you or the movers are extra careful when transporting these boxes during the move.
  4. Packing tape that can be used to tape up the boxes securely before placing the dishes in a moving truck to a self-storage facility, your garage, or your new home. You want to make sure what you purchase is strong packing tape so that you can properly pack away your dishes and glassware securely.

How Can You Pack Dishes to Be Transported?

Packing dishes can be tricky especially, when you want to do it properly. Firstly, you want to have all your packing materials ready in one common space along with all of the dishes you plan to pack away. One at a time place the dish in the center of your newspaper or packing paper and fold inwards to ensure that the whole surface area is covered. You can add a piece of tape to make sure that it is secure and does not unfold. Use two or three sheets of the crumpled packing paper to pack dishes and glasses to double layer for extra protection. Plates should be placed in rows with the heaviest items at the bottom of the box. For more added protection, take some crumpled newspaper or packing paper inside the box to fill the spaces. Bubble wrap works as well if you have it. If you don’t have either of those things, use clothes or towels to fill the gaps and protect your dishes/glasses from moving too much during transport. To help keep everything organized, try to group similar pieces together to help make the moving process easier so you know where everything is. It also may be easier to pack away group like items. For instance, plates in one box and bowls in another. Finally, label the box as “fragile” with your marker. Repeat this same process until everything is packed away safely and securely.

Choose a moving company that you can trust to transport your belongings safely. At XYZ Storage we have truck rentals to help you transport your belongings during your move or to the storage unit you rented. However, if you are renting a vehicle yourself or using your own vehicle, when placing your boxes marked as fragile you want to make sure it is placed in a position in the vehicle where it is protected by other belongings such as furniture and appliances. It should also be placed where it is easily accessible as dishes and glassware are usually items that get used frequently in your day to day life even, during the move.

Packing and Storing China Dishes Without Breaking

When packing your china dishes, it might be even more important for you to make sure that they are packed properly. You can purchase a china storage box set for your dinner plates that is made from a hard-shelled material to give your china more protection than an average box. It also helps protect them from any dust while in storage for longer periods of time. If you are planning on storing your china dishes in your cabinets, you want to make sure that it is in a place in your home where there is the least amount of movement to prevent the chance of breakage. To help prevent scratches do not slide your dishes to remove them but instead take apart the stack.

Dishes and Glasses for Long-Term Storage

How Do You Protect Dishes and Glass in Long Term Storage?

The best way to protect your dishes, pots, pans, bowls, plates, and glasses in long term storage is to purchase high quality storage and packing supplies to pack them away. As mentioned above, there are specific boxes meant to be used for packing more fragile items such as dishes and glasses as they have double the protection on the sides. You also want to avoid stacking them too high in the boxes to avoid your dishes from breaking while in storage or transit. It is also ideal to have all of your lighter items placed on the top and heavier items at the bottom of the box.

Do Dishes Get Damaged When Stored for a Long Term?

Dishes, pans, pots, and glassware should be stored in a climate-controlled self-storage unit to prevent especially if you plan on storing them there long-term. Storing them in a climate-controlled environment helps add another layer of protection in addition to storing them in a box properly. It can play a role in keeping them in the same condition as when you first placed them in storage.

XYZ Storage Can Help

Self-storage can be extremely helpful in situations where you require temporary storage while you move or are looking for a much longer option for storing your belongings. XYZ Storage has a wide variety of self-storage options available for all your storage and moving needs. We have state-of-the-art self-storage facilities all over Toronto and the GTA with the aim to help customers ease their moving and storage experience. All of our facilities are climate-controlled, secure, and accessible making it the perfect condition for you to store your dishes, pots, and other fragile items as long as they are packed away properly. You can feel confident in storing away your belongings in one of our storage units. When visiting any XYZ Storage facility, you can also purchase packing and moving supplies from us, making us a one-stop-shop if you plan on storing your belongings in one of our self-storage units. If you have any questions or concerns about storing your dishes, glasses, or other kitchen belongings our self-storage experts would be more than happy to assist you. 


published: 28 February 2023