How To Prepare A Car For Long-Term Storage

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Planning on taking an extended vacation this year or moving into an apartment Downtown and no longer requiring a vehicle to get around? Storing at a facility can give you and your family peace of mind that it is safe and secure long-term. We at XYZ Storage want to help guide you through the self-storage process for long-term car storage by providing you with helpful tips to ease the process. 

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Storage

Prepping your vehicle before saying goodbye to your vehicle is essential to ensure that your vehicle remains in prime condition. There are a few important steps to conduct before placing your vehicle in an indoor storage facility.

  1. Detailed and thorough cleaning of your vehicle. You should pay attention and wash both the inside and outside of your car. By doing this you are removing any crumbs leftover from food and dirt that was accumulating inside and outside.
  2. You should replace any essential fluids including the brake fluid, and do a pre-storage oil change, coolant, and transmission fluid. This is to help maintain the condition of your vehicle in the long term.
  3. You may want to consider having a near-empty gas tank, and adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank can help preserve its quality and prevent moisture buildup when storing your vehicle for an extended period.
  4. Do not use your parking brake while storing long-term. Using your parking brake it can cause corrosion. However, it is best to check the owner’s manual to make sure you are doing what is best for your specific vehicle.
  5. When you decide to store your vehicle in a storage facility, spend some time reviewing the terms and conditions of your insurance coverage from your insurance company. You may be eligible for storage-specific coverage at potentially a discount if you are not driving your vehicle long-term.

These are essential steps to take to ensure your vehicle is ready to be stored and road ready when you take it out of self-storage.

Supporting Your Tires

By implementing these tire care measures, you can ensure that your tires remain in optimal condition throughout the storage period, minimizing the risk of cracks and preserving their longevity. When the time comes to retrieve your vehicle, you’ll be greeted with tires that are ready to hit the road with confidence.

Tires are an essential component of your vehicle which means they are important to pay extra close attention to if you plan on storing your vehicle away. There are a few things to consider beforehand including tire pressure adjustment, support, and covers.

  1. Pressure adjustment: Inflate your tires to the recommended levels by the manufacturer to prevent flat spots and help your tires maintain their shape.
  2. Support: Removing weight from the tires with jack stands can reduce the risk of flat spots and extend the life of your tires. However, be mindful that you install jack stands properly so that they do not damage your vehicle.
  3. Covers: This can help prevent rubber degradation as well as keep your tires clean and protected from dust and dirt.

By following these three things you can feel comfortable with storing your vehicle away for a long period, reduce the risk of permanent flat spots, and be ready to drive with confidence when you take it out of storage.

Battery and Fuel Management

When it comes to your car battery it is recommended to disconnect the car battery or utilize a battery maintainer to prevent a dead battery while your vehicle is in storage. This can help preserve the car battery and extend the life of the battery as well. Use aluminum foil to plug the tailpipe to avoid having anything enter your vehicle. As mentioned earlier, a near-empty gas tank is preferred, but if you add a fuel stabilizer that can be highly beneficial to help maintain fuel quality and prevent internal corrosion.

To Start Your Vehicle or Not

When storing your vehicle for a long period it’s a debatable question whether you should be turning on your vehicle. We recommend that you do not start your vehicle as long as it has been properly preserved using some of the techniques already outlined.

Winter Storage: Navigating Cold Climate Challenges

Living in Canada has plenty of challenges, the obvious being the winter conditions we face for many months. This makes storing your vehicle a challenge as you want to try to do everything you can to prevent any damage caused by freezing temperatures. A couple of action items you can take to help tackle the challenge of the harsh Canadian winters include moisture prevention and storing in a climate-controlled environment.

  1. Moisture Prevention: Use moisture-absorbing products such as silica gel packs to minimize the humidity levels inside the vehicle.
  2. Climate-Controlled Environment: Renting a climate-controlled unit can help maintain the temperature levels throughout the winter months while your vehicle is in storage.

Regular Checks and Maintenance

Whether you decide to store your vehicle in storage for a month or several years, it is important to do periodic checks and maintenance to ensure that it is still in pristine condition. Visit your self-storage unit periodically to conduct visual inspections to ensure that there has not been any damage, leaks, or pests. It’s better to catch any issues earlier rather than later! You should also consider rotating your tires every so often to prevent flat spots and ensure even tire wear. Conducting fluid checks can be helpful as well to ensure there are no leaks.

XYZ Storage: The Perfect Solution for Long-Term Car Storage

XYZ Storage can be the perfect solution for storing your vehicle long-term. Any one of our self-storage facilities offers secure, convenient, and climate-controlled storage options to meet your needs while providing you with the peace of mind that your vehicle and other belongings are safe.

Benefits of Self-Storage for Car Storage

Self-storage offers several benefits for storing your vehicle including:

  • Safe and secure storage space for your vehicle and other belongings
  • Climate-controlled storage to protect your vehicle from damage due to changes in temperature and humidity 
  • Convenient storage access to your vehicle when needed
  • Freeing up space in your driveway and garage can help you declutter and organize your space more efficiently

Safety and Security You Can Rely On

At XYZ Storage, we value the safety and security of your belongings whether it be your precious vehicle, your living room couch, or a box of old electronics. Our self-storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including surveillance cameras, and on-site staff so you can feel confident that your belongings are safe. Our self-storage units are designed to accommodate vehicles of various sizes, providing ample storage space for your vehicle and additional items you may wish to store alongside it.

Expert Guidance and Support

When you choose to store at XYZ Storage you get the benefits of our expert guidance and support from our on-site self-storage experts. They can provide you with assistance in preparing your vehicle for long-term storage including thorough cleaning and tire tips, fluid maintenance, and fuel considerations.

The Gift of Self-Storage

Make someone in your life’s day by purchasing the ultimate gift of long-term car storage by storing their beloved vehicle at our XYZ Storage facilities. Visit our self-storage locations across Toronto and the GTA including our Toronto West, Toronto Midtown, Toronto Downtown, Scarborough, and Etobicoke locations to consult with our experts to find the perfect storage solution that meets your car storage needs. 


published: 20 June 2023