How to Store a Lawnmower Long Term

With the cold fall and winter months approaching, it’s time to start thinking about putting your lawn mower into hibernation mode for the winter months. A lawn mower is not a small expense, with several costing up to a few thousand dollars. Therefore, it is essential to think about how to store it properly and ways to extend its lifespan while in long-term storage. It can help you save time and money in the future! Your lawn mower will be sure to thank you when you bring it out again next year.

In this guide, we will cover several tips for storing your lawn mower, including how to prepare your lawn mower for storage, where to store it, how self-storage can help, and answering some of the more frequently asked questions.

Preparing Your Lawn Mower for Storage

Preparing your lawn mower properly for storage can be beneficial to ensure that your lawn mower is in tip-top shape to cut the freshest grass next season. Here are our tips to ensure that your lawn mower is prepped and ready to be stored. These tips can be used in addition to what’s in the owner’s manual regarding your lawn equipment.

1. Storing a Lawn Mower: With or without Gas?

A common question that many gas lawn mower owners have is whether to store the lawn mower with or without gas in the fuel tank. The answer is without any in the gas tank! It is generally best practice to store a lawn mower with an empty oil tank, as the gas in a lawn mower can deteriorate over time and can result in engine problems. Therefore, use your lawn mower until it runs out of fuel and the fuel tank is empty. You can also consider using a fuel stabilizer to extend the gas’s shelf life, which prevents any issues your lawn mower may run into in the future while in storage.

2. Remove the Battery and Spark Plugs

You should remove the battery in your lawn mower and store it in an environment that is both cool and dry. Proper storage of your batteries is also important. At the same time, it’s a good idea to remove or disconnect any spark plugs to prevent any accidental starts while storing long-term.

3. Clean and Lubricate

Before storing your lawn mower, it’s important to conduct lawn mower maintenance. Wear thick gloves and get ready to conduct the proper steps to clean every part of your lawn equipment including the mower deck, engine, wheels, mower blades, etc. The goal is to remove leaves, mud, grass, dirt, and other debris that have accumulated over the mowing season to maintain its good shape.

You can use an old toothbrush or metal brush to clean around the places that need extra close attention. Then, wash and clean your mower with your garden hose and soap to remove any dirt and prevent the attraction of bugs and moisture while storing long term. After it’s clean make sure you dry completely before storing.

It’s also a good idea to lubricate any of the moving parts to ensure that your lawn equipment functions well after storage. By lubricating these parts you’re less likely to have to replace parts, and prevent corrosion and rust.

Improving the Shelf Life of Your Lawn Mower

By doing the above and more to ensure that your lawn mower is properly stored and maintained can extend its life span. The lifespan of one can last up to a decade or longer depending on the following factors: usage amount, brand, and maintenance throughout the years.

Where to Store Your Lawn Mower

When it comes to storing your lawn mower there are factors that you must take into consideration to ensure proper storage.


Whether you plan to store it in your garage, basement, shed, or even at a self-storage facility, it is important to protect your lawn mower from any long-term damage. Be sure you store it in a cool and dry location that does not have fluctuating temperature and humidity. It’s good to keep this in mind when choosing a location for your lawn mower.

Sufficient Space

Once you decide on a good location to store your lawn mower based on temperature and humidity levels, you also need to consider if there is enough space. You want to avoid just simply tossing your lawn mower in the basement amongst a pile of junk. You should be mindful of what is in its surrounding space, including avoiding any flammable chemicals and any obstructed objects that will prevent you from reaching your lawn mower. It also shouldn’t be in the way of accessing other items you need from your garage throughout the rest of the year.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Gas That Has Been Sitting All Winter?

Keep the fuel fresh! We highly recommend not using old gas that has been sitting in your lawn mower all winter and using fresh oil instead. However, to not waste it, think about mixing it with new gas or adding a fuel stabilizer. The reason why it’s important to add a fuel stabilizer is because fuel becomes stale, degrades over time, and can cause issues with the engine performance.

Can I Store My Lawn Mower Outside Under a Cover?

It is not ideal to store your lawn mower outside, especially long term, as this could lead to potential damage to your lawn mower. There are a few reasons for this including:

  • Risk the exposure to moisture leading to rusting
  • Temperature fluctuations harming the engine and other parts of the lawn mower
  • Pests and rodents damage your lawn mower when left outside

It’s always best to store it in a cool and dry place with minimal to no temperature and humidity level changes. However, if you must leave it outside, then the best way to do so is to cover it to protect it from the sun and rain.

Do I Need to Clean the Air Filter?

Yes, you do need to clean out your air filter in order to ensure its longevity. A dirty air filter can cause engine performance issues, and increased fuel consumption, which can lead to potentially damaging your engine in the long run. Therefore, it’s important to have clean air and remove the air filter, whether it’s a paper filter or a plastic one, and clean it out or replace it entirely.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Self-Storage Facility for Lawn Mower Storage?

Renting a self-storage unit can be very helpful for storing your lawn mower. A self-storage unit can offer the convenience, space, accessibility, security, and protection you may not get when storing at home, whether that’s in your garage, basement, or somewhere else. 

At XYZ Storage, we offer accessible storage units at affordable prices so that you can feel confident in storing your lawn mower. Our facilities provide top-notch security and on-site staff, so you feel comfortable knowing it’s safe with us during the months you don’t need it. We have accessible locations over Toronto and the GTA with accessible hours so you can access your belongings when you need them. 

As mentioned earlier, it is important to choose a location for storing your lawn mower that is both cool and dry. One of the best parts is that our facilities are temperature-controlled, meaning that you don’t have to worry about fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels damaging your sensitive items, including your lawn mower. This provides it ample protection while in storage long-term. 

Do you have any questions about lawnmower storage at one of our self-storage facilities? Please stop by any of our convenient storage locations across Toronto and the GTA, and our storage experts would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you have about storing your lawn mower with us. Happy storing and we hope your mower is off to a smooth start next mowing season!


published: 13 October 2023