How to Store Magazines Long Term

The forms of reading have evolved very much over the years from printed newspapers to online news publications. Everything around us is constantly changing in the blink of an eye and many people are now choosing to purchase an e-book using their electronic devices versus purchasing a book from the bookstore or borrowing a book from the library. However, that is not true for people with valuable book collections, whether they are comic books or magazines. Book and magazine collectors value physical copies and cherish them greatly. In this blog post, we will walk you through the best ways to store your beloved magazines so that you can continue cherishing them for years to come.

The Best Temperature For Storage

Storing your magazines in a space or environment that is not climate-controlled can be risky as varying temperatures can cause discolouration of pages and potential mold growth. For example, avoid storing in places where the temperature and humidity levels can fluctuate quite often. You also want to avoid storing your magazines in direct sunlight as it can cause serious damage to them over time. The best temperature for storing your magazines is 15 – 20 degrees Celsius and in a space that is cool and dry. Depending on how much you value your magazines you could consider storing them in a temperature-controlled self-storage unit to help protect the integrity and quality of your magazines in the long run.

The Degradation of Magazines

How long magazines last depend on many factors, but most importantly how the magazines are being handled, where they are being stored, and the quality of the magazines themselves. For example, cheap glossy magazines would not last as long as magazines made out of high-quality acid-free paper. Another example is that magazines that have been constantly thrown around in your home will not last as long as those kept in plastic sleeves to protect them from dust and dirt. Ultimately, how the magazines are stored and the conditions they were kept in can determine their longevity, which is why it is important to store them properly.

Shelf Life of Magazines

The shelf life of magazines heavily depends on many of the factors we have already discussed such as the quality of the paper, the care and handling of the magazines, and where it is being stored. It is important to be proactive and check the condition of your magazines over time to see if adjustments are necessary such as facing your bookshelf away from direct sunlight from the window in your living room. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Storing Magazines: Flat or Upright?

The answer depends on your preference. However, be mindful that if you do choose to display your magazines on your bookshelf upright, make sure they are supported and there is not too much stress on the spine. Laying them flat is the ideal option, especially if you are not choosing to display them in your home. This way there is zero stress on the magazine spine and less of a chance for creases to form. A great idea may be to use them as a decor piece on your coffee table or next to your television in your living room.

How XYZ Storage Can Help

Our self-storage facilities are temperature-controlled which means that we can help protect your beloved magazines from bending, creasing, and becoming damaged over time by changes in humidity and temperature. You can feel confident and comfortable in choosing to store your magazines and other valuables at any one of our self-storage facilities. We have locations in Toronto West, Toronto Downtown, Toronto Midtown, Etobicoke, and Scarborough, all with various self-storage unit sizes and top-notch security to ensure the safety of the belongings you wish to store during your rental period.  If you have other belongings such as furniture, appliances, electronics, artwork, seasonal sporting equipment, etc., you can also store those. Our self-storage experts would be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. At XYZ Storage we are here to help you create space for all of the big events happening in your life and to create more space in your home.


published: 9 August 2023