secure shredding and media destruction

At our Etobicoke location, we offer professional shredding services for personal and commercial use. Our shredding services are operated with locked containers supplied by Shred-it. It is a convenient service that we offer giving you the option to use it on-site or you can organize it in advance.

You can complete all your shredding needs in one go or do it based on a regular schedule. We at XYZ Storage can help you based on how often you want to use our services by creating a customized program that is right for you. We also care about our impact on the environment, so we ensure all destroyed papers are 100% securely recycled.

Our secure shredding services is not the only service we offer, we also help take care of your electronic document hard drive and media destruction needs. We make it a goal of ours to keep your information safe whether it is your personal, family or business related to prevent any identity theft and fraud. You’ll be partnering with an award-winning and trusted service when you choose us.

If you are a larger business that requires a large shredding program, we organize movers to empty lockers and help move documents to the shredding bins on site. We offer a monthly program for our professional users where they dispose of any material they no longer need at one of the following yearly marks: one, five, or seven. Please speak with one of our Storage Managers at our Etobicoke location if you are looking for more information on our secure shredding and media destruction services.

how it works

shredding illustration

step 1

Bring your documents and hard drive to one of our XYZ Storage Location.

shredding illustration

step 2

We collect your confidential information, and securely destroy it.

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step 3

All services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. All destroyed paper is 100% securely recycled.


Ask your XYZ Self Storage location about regular shredding programs and discounts!

document shredding

$13.99 per Banker Box load

$9.99 per box load for 10-25 boxes

$5.99 per box load for 26+ boxes

hard drive and media destruction

$38.99 per Banker Box load of media (CDs, tapes, USB)

$24.99 per hard drive destruction

shredding inquiry