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The price of a self-storage unit in Etobicoke can vary depending on several factors including the location of the facility, the size of the self-storage unit, and what the facility offers its customers. Self-storage can be an investment, so with that in mind, at XYZ Storage we aim to offer competitive rates for our self-storage units. We offer self-storage units in various sizes including compact, small, medium, and large. When you rent a unit with us you also get exceptional customer service and access to all of our facility features. This includes our unique drive-through feature, truck rental availability, and access to our one-stop shop for all moving and packing supplies.

When you explore renting a self-storage unit at our Etobicoke facility we are confident that you will find a unit that meets your storage needs and fits within your budget. Visit our Etobicoke facility today, and our storage experts would be more than happy to help you find the best storage unit at your ideal price point.



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our most popular storage unit sizes


25 square ft

A 5’ x 5’ self-storage unit is one of our smaller storage units at our Etobicoke self-storage facility. It can fit a hallway closet full of belongings including toys, books, summer tires, luggage, and clothes.

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50 square ft

A 5’ x 10’ self-storage unit is one of our smaller units at our Etobicoke facility and is equivalent to a standard walk-in-sized closet. Choosing to rent a unit of this size you can fit up to 50 square feet worth of belongings including a couch, seasonal wardrobes, and a table.

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100 square ft

A 10’ x 10’ self-storage unit is a medium-sized unit, which can fit a bedroom's worth of belongings. For example, furniture and appliances that would otherwise not fit in one of the smaller units at our Downtown Toronto self-storage facility.

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150 square ft

A 10’ x 15’ self-storage unit is one of our larger units at our Etobicoke storage facility and can fit between two or three rooms worth of furniture. This can include your dining room table set (tables and chairs), bedroom furniture (bed frame, mattress, night table, and vanity, and living room furniture (coffee table, television set, and couches).

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200 square ft

A 10’ x 20’ self-storage unit is one of our largest units at our self-storage facility in Etobicoke and can hold over two or three bedrooms worth of belongings which is equivalent to the space a 24’ truck can hold. This sized unit is ideal for those looking to temporarily store their belongings in a two-bedroom condo unit.

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250 square ft

A 10’ x 25’ self-storage unit is a large-size unit we offer at our Etobicoke self-storage facility and can fit three bedrooms worth of belongings. You definitely will not have any issues storing your belongings in this large unit.

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300 square ft

A 10’ x 30’ self-storage unit is the largest sized unit we have at our Etobicoke location, and it can help you store up to three to four bedrooms or a whole house's worth of belongings. With 300 square feet of space, you will have optimal space for all of your storage needs.

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