Making Room for a New Family Member

New family member

The time has come where you and your significant other have decided to make a new addition to your family. With this exciting news, you will be buying more stuff while making space for your newborn. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to get you organized and feeling more ready for this milestone event.

Making Space

You want to be as prepared as possible and the first step to doing so is to make space. You are going to be buying a crib, changing table, and toys for your baby. You should spend some time decluttering your living space and throwing away anything you no longer need. Think of this as an opportunity to get rid of your junk and make purchases that would be beneficial to the new baby in your life. 

Purchase Only What You Need

We are sure there are plenty of things on your mind when it comes to making a new addition to your family. You may have to make some big purchases depending on what you already have or what your friends and family have given you. These purchases can include a crib, baby clothes, a changing table, a drawer, blankets, baby crib mobile, a monitor, and storage bins. Make a list of everything that you would need and buy the majority of it before the baby arrives. This will help you feel more prepared and not as overwhelmed. You may also want to consider only purchasing items that you will need. For example, if you see that new entertainment system that you have been eyeballing for some quite time, RESIST! You probably do not have space for it and it may be a purchase you can hold off from making for now.


The best part about storage is that it can be a temporary solution to the lack of storage space in your life. Maybe you live in a two-bedroom apartment and have been using one of the rooms as a “storage room” you can throw all of those belongings into your local self storage facility.

Are you currently renovating to make room for your new addition? Mobile storage solutions are perfect. Your local self storage facility can deliver a storage container and place it on your property so that you still have convenient access to all your belongings during the renovations. Self storage companies can even store your container in their warehouse and bring it back to you when your renovations are done.

It can also be helpful to store belongings you do not want to throw away as they can be useful in the future. For example, if you are planning to have another baby in a few years but have nowhere to store the crib or extra toys storage is a great option if you do not want to throw anything out. 

Life is Big, Make Space

Feeling overwhelmed by all this? Don’t worry. This is what we do, we at XYZ Storage are all about helping you make space for the big and exciting changes in your life. XYZ storage is always here to help you make space in your life, especially for the big milestone events like growing your family!

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published: 2 December 2019