Mobile Storage or Traditional Self-Storage?

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The storage industry is constantly changing, and the way people use storage is too. At XYZ Storage, we have been around for over two decades and have seen just how much the industry has changed right in front of our eyes. Storage is no longer seen as a place to store your stuff. It can be seen as adopting a new lifestyle whether it is storing your belongings, so you can make room for a new addition to your family or a place to store your seasonal equipment. We have been industry game-changers offering an incredible range of storage solutions to individuals and businesses

However, if you’re thinking of choosing either mobile storage or self storage – we have a few reasons why you should select the latter. 

Customizability and Flexibility

Mobile Storage

While mobile storage gives you the flexibility to decide when you want your mobile storage unit to be picked up and brought back to the storage facilities, the downside is you pay extra to cover the time, effort and gas a mobile storage company will charge for their services. Another issue with mobile storage is that there are fewer options when it comes to storage sizes and you may have to pay for an extra unit to store just a few items if one unit isn’t big enough.


With traditional self-storage, there are a variety of different sizes of units for you to choose from. It is customizable to your needs depending on how much or how little stuff you plan on storing. On our website, we provide you with the size units including compact (12-25 square ft) which can be used for either personal or business storage. We also give you an idea of what you can place in that size unit. For example, our compact unit can be used to store tools, photo albums, sports equipment, luggage, and storing documents. If that is too small for you, check out our small, medium, and large size offerings. There is always going to be a size that will fit your lifestyle and your storage needs.

Accessibility and Convenience

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage can be convenient for those that do not plan on leaving the house. Unfortunately, in order to access your belongings, you have to call ahead, and you may end up waiting a day or two before you can move stuff in or out of your storage unit as the units are stacked and need to be moved for you to access yours. This means that there you can really only access your storage container during business hours. 


We have over 6 locations in Toronto and GTA including Toronto DowntownToronto MidtownToronto WestScarborough, and Etobicoke. Our XYZ self-storage facilities can be just a thirty-minute drive or maybe a five-minute walk away, talk about convenience! You can come by anytime as it is easily accessible, and our locations have 24/7 access available for you to open your storage unit at your convenience.

Space and Security

Mobile storage

When it comes to mobile storage, it’s customary that the container is brought to your home. This means you need to be living in a detached house with enough space on your driveway to accommodate the container and the container can’t be placed on a sidewalk. There’s also a security issue with leaving your valuables in a container that’s only protection is a lock – whether it’s for a few minutes or overnight.


With our self-storage option, you don’t have to worry about finding a place at your home to accommodate a storage container, blocking a footpath or designated parking spot, or that your valuables can be stolen any time you’re not watching the container. Our storage facilities offer 24/7 advanced security systems in clean and well-lit facilities. Some of our locations even offer drive-through, covered access to your storage unit, protecting you from rain, snow and bad weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

At XYZ Storage, we strive to continuously innovate and provide the ideal storage experience with our customers in mind to fit their needs. What are your thoughts on the many benefits self-storage has to offer? Let us know on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts. If you are interested in renting from one of our self-storage facilities, you can do so today online or come into one of our self-storage facilities and our wonderful staff will give you a hand.

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published: 1 November 2019