What You Need for Moving and Storage in Toronto

pink sticky note pad with a blue pen beside it

When it comes to getting together the right tool kit for moving your belongings to our self storage facility, a little preparation and supply gathering can streamline the process and leave you with time left over for fun afterwards. Make a shopping list that includes the following and you’ll be locked, loaded and ready to go fast!

Your Moving Checklist:

*Tape and tape dispenser for building cardboard boxes.

*Pen and sticky notes for writing down any to do lists, special instructions or things to remember

*Box cutter, screwdriver and hammer for breaking down furniture, cardboard etc.

* Rubber bands for organizing papers within their containers.

* Plastic bags of several sizes for storing cosmetics, liquids and items that have multiple pieces
(Legos, puzzles, toys, pens and pencils, hair accessories, makeup, spices and other foodstuffs).

* Packing paper or newsprint to use as fill and to protect breakable items.

* Blankets, packing foam and bubble wrap as needed.

* Labels and permanent marker to identify boxes and special handling instructions.

* Donation box to store all the unwanted clothes, toys, books, and more that don’t make sense to keep. Remember, what may be of marginal value to you can be of incredible help to someone else. Consider giving what you don’t need to a local charity. Canadian charity watchdog group can help you identify organizations that will use your donation effectively.

* Cleaning supplies, including paper towels, a broom and/or a vacuum to stay tidy. Things are far less likely to get lost or damaged in an environment that’s relatively clean and organized.

* First aid supplies for minor cuts and bruises associated with packing and unpacking.

* Beverages and lots of snacks to reward the friends and family helping you with your move.

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published: 16 October 2013