Organizing Your Closet for the Fall Season

time to organize

Have you noticed that it is getting chillier outside? Guess it is time to bring out those jean jackets, light sweaters, and warm cardigans! If you have to second guess whether or not you need to wear another layer with your t-shirt then it is probably time to re-organize your closet and bring out your fall clothes. Fall is approaching and it is time to get ready for it. We at XYZ Storage have a step by step process to help you say goodbye to your summer clothes and hello to fall.

Clean and Take a Look at What You Have

It’s a new season! Take the time to empty your drawers and closets full of clothes. The goal is to start fresh with multiple hangers and containers to prepare yourself to begin organizing your closet space. This is also a perfect opportunity to sort through everything that you own. When you empty all your clothes on the floor or on your bed you will have a much better idea of what you own. You might even find your favourite sweater you thought you lost. You should think about what you want to keep, donate, throw away, or store.

Store Your Summer Clothes

Start by washing your summer clothes before storing them. Throw all your shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts into the wash if you don’t plan on wearing them for the upcoming fall or winter seasons. Once you have washed and dried all your summer clothes they are ready to be packed away for the next several months. You either want to store them in air-tight containers and stack them away in your closet or if you have enough space place them in your bottom drawer.

Storage or Need More?

Now that you have decided what you want to keep, donate, throw away, or store you can figure out if you have enough room to store all your clothes. If you happen to have too many clothes that you don’t plan on wearing anytime soon you can always consider self-storage as an option. You can store them at one of our XYZ Storage facilities around the GTA and Toronto. With our mobile storage option we deliver a container to your door where you can pack away your clothes and once you are done we’ll pick it up. All you have to do is let us know when you want them back.

On the other hand, if you realize that you don’t have as much fall clothing as you thought spend some time online shopping or head to the store to find new pieces that you like. This can be anything from a grey cardigan to match those black leggings you own or a red plaid shirt to match those dark blue jeans. Are you into the latest fall trends? If yes, do your research (check out Instagram or Pinterest) and shop until you drop!

Time to Organize

There are many ways you can decide to organize your fall wardrobe. We suggest organizing your closet at least by the type of clothing. Gather all your sweaters and cardigans and hang them first. You can hang your long sleeve shirts next. You can also organize by colour and use coloured hangers to help you with that. Be creative with how you want to organize your wardrobe! This is your chance at a fresh start and to change up things the way you want.

We at XYZ Storage hope you have fun with organizing your closet for the fall season!


published: 27 September 2019