Part Two: Fall Cleaning Tips and Tricks

During this time of the year mostly everywhere you go you see colourful leaves and the air is nice and crisp. However, this also means that it is time to tackle your fall related chores. We at XYZ Storage have compiled a list of outdoor fall-related chores for you and your family to take part in to ensure your home is prepped and ready for the fall and winter seasons ahead!

1. Wash Exterior Windows

Cleaning the outside of your windows is just as important as cleaning the inside of your windows. Take the opportunity to wash your windows with a little vinegar and some water using a mop or a cloth to ensure your house is in sparkling condition. This is especially important if you plan on selling your home during the fall or winter months. Regardless, keeping your windows well-maintained is very important long-term!

2. Putting Away Patio Furniture and Gardening Equipment

Canadian winters could slowly, but quickly creep upon us so it is better to be prepared by putting your patio furniture into storage for the fall and winter months. Patio furniture can be stored in the garage, basement, or even in a storage unit if you have one. With the prominence of the pandemic, many businesses were forced to adjust during these times and one of them is investing in patio furniture without necessarily thinking about what to do with it after. Self-storage units are perfect for storing seasonal furniture, appliances, and equipment including your patio sets, outdoor barbecues, and gardening equipment for homeowners, renters, and small businesses. Do not forget to clean your patio furniture and other seasonal items before storing them and ensure you put covers over all of your furniture to protect it from dust and damage!

3. Clean Your Light Fixtures

Cleaning your outdoor light fixtures might not be an obvious one, but it is something that you should clean when you get a chance to. This will help remove any debris and dust that has accumulated in them over the years.

4. Empty Your Gutters

Leaves can leave your gutters an absolute mess! They may be colourful and pretty for your children (or even yourself to jump in), however, leaves can easily get stuck in your gutter which is a hard to reach place. Grab yourself a ladder and empty out those gutters before the first snowfall. It might be worthwhile to ensure you have a sturdy ladder, set of gloves, and possibly glasses just in case any leaves fly into your face.

5. Raking Leaves

Raking the leaves during the fall is very important especially when you have many trees in the front and backyard that constantly have leaves falling. The goal is to have all of your leaves raked and thrown out before the temperature drops and the snow starts falling and hitting the ground. Before you get started do not forget to head to the store to buy proper bags to throw all of the leaves in for easy disposal. 

Fall Storage

At XYZ Storage, we have affordable and customizable storage solutions for all of your fall storage needs. We have plenty of Toronto storage locations conveniently located across the Toronto area from the West end to the east end in Scarborough. Please feel free to stop by and one of our self-storage experts would be more than happy to help you out to fulfill all of your storage needs. Happy Fall Cleaning from all of us at XYZ Storage!

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published: 19 November 2021