Storage Hacks for Limited Space in Your Apartment or Condo

Living Room Space

It is no secret that one of the common downfalls of living in an apartment or condo is the lack of storage space. Living in an apartment or condo has plenty of perks, whether it is enjoying the luxury amenities, flexible living, or not having to pay a monthly mortgage. However, whether you live in a studio apartment in the Downtown core or a two-bedroom condo in the GTA, chances are you may find yourself struggling with finding storage space. It also depends on how many people you share your space with and live in your household. We at XYZ Storage want to share with you some helpful tips for how to take advantage of the limited space you have in your home.

Storage Containers and Bins

Storage containers and bins are perfect for any room in your apartment or condo. They can be used almost anywhere in your living space, whether it is for organizing your kitchen cabinets, the bathroom sink area, the space under your bed, or even the top shelf in your hall closet. You can find them in a bunch of different sizes, shapes, and materials, depending on what you are looking to use them for. Get creative with finding storage containers and bins to hold all of your belongings!


Running out of floor space or drawers to fill your personal belongings with? One process you should consider going through is – decluttering! Decluttering can be a significantly helpful process to; ultimately guide you to make space in your home. Need help figuring out what those steps are? Check out our blog post on Ways to Tackle Your Physical Clutter to learn more. Decluttering is one way for you to make space for the belongings that add value to your day-to-day life as opposed to it feeling like clutter. You could also consider living a more minimalistic lifestyle which could improve the quality and meaning of your life.

Buying Furniture with Extra Storage Space

Are you fortunate enough to be able to start off with a clean slate and to pick out new furniture? If yes, then take advantage of this and be “smart” when picking out your furniture pieces. Luckily for you nowadays there are plenty of ways to get your furniture whether it is from the store, online from a retail site, or through Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. If you are on a budget or have money saved up to do some high-end shopping – there are many places to look! Keep an eye out for furniture that has extra storage space. For instance, there are ottomans out there with storage space inside; couches that lift up so you can store your blankets; beds with pull out storage; or coffee tables with tonnes of space underneath.

Make Use of Wall Space

With limited square footage sometimes your only choice is to look for storage space vertically. This could include taking advantage of taller built-in shelving units to store your belongings vertically as opposed to finding floor space. You could also consider hanging some of your pots, pans, and utensils along the wall if you are running out of cupboard space. You may also want to consider storing some of your food items and ingredients in jars or containers. This can help you see if you are running out of a certain ingredient and make space in your pantry. The same can be done for your bathroom by having a taller shelving unit as opposed to a wider one.

Alternate Storage Space

Some buildings offer a storage locker for their units to provide extra storage space. However, sometimes you may have to look for extra storage space elsewhere. At XYZ Storage, that is exactly what we do! We help you make space for the important things in your life. We provide customizable storage solutions to help you store your things for one month to several years. If you are considering not renting an apartment or making a condo unit purchase because of the lack of storage space – do not worry, we can help! From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you are all staying safe and wishing you all the best of luck for making storage space in your home.

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published: 13 November 2020