The Newsprint Vs. Clean Paper Controversy

white coffee cup on a white plate on top of a newspaper

Among those who pack things professionally (or who are extra good at it), the question of whether to use newsprint or non-inked wrapping or butcher block paper is a hotly debated one.

Who knew, right?

While newsprint is cheap, if not free, it will also leave an inky stain on white or beige textiles, as well as your hands. Once you unpack, you’ll need to wash everything that was wrapped up in it too. Unless you have the time, it makes sense instead to purchase some inexpensive wrapping paper to store glassware, dishes and other breakable items.

Clean and easy, it’s one less hassle to worry about during the packing process.

If you do have a lot of fragile items to store, consider picking up some bubble wrap and masking tape as well for extra peace of mind. While some like to use loose blankets or clothing items instead, it can get confusing to have your favorite sweaters stored with Mom’s dishes instead of in your wardrobe box. Keep it simple whenever possible, and if you do wrap up valuables with fitted sheets or your extra t-shirts, make a note on the outside of the box to help yourself remember what’s inside.


published: 13 December 2013