Time for a Weekly Reset

Most of us are getting back into the groove of things, whether with school or work. Summer activities have been over for a while now, and establishing a routine can be a struggle for many. We at XYZ Storage want to help you get back into a routine; more specifically, a weekly preparation and cleaning routine for the week ahead. 

Why Have A Weekly Plan

A weekly plan for what tasks you want to accomplish for the week and when to accomplish them can help improve your productivity and lift some of the stress you may feel during the upcoming week. It is essentially to help you “restart” your week on a positive note knowing that you have accomplished everything you wanted to and have prepared in advance.

Figuring Out Your Weekly Tasks

Weekly tasks could vary from person to person depending on your career, social life, who you live with, and your overall lifestyle. For example, if you are a single working parent with two kids with an active social life, one of your tasks may involve weekly meal prepping to avoid last minute decisions during mealtime. Another example is if you are a young adult fresh out of college living independently with no active social life, you may have plenty of time on a Sunday evening to do laundry, clean the bathroom, or dust the apartment. It is beneficial to figure out what weekly tasks you would like to complete on a weekly basis based on your lifestyle and the amount of “free” time you have.

Scheduling Time to Complete Your Weekly Tasks

When it comes to dedicating time to prepare for the week ahead, it can be best to choose a time of the week where you can set aside a good chunk of time to get tasks done. For example, if your Sunday mornings are light you can set aside a couple of hours to complete your weekly tasks. Whatever is on your list to complete, scheduling it during the same time every week can help you establish some form of a routine. Understanding that your weeks may vary, it is still a good idea to plan ahead to ensure everything gets done and you feel ready to tackle a new week.

The Role Self-Storage Plays

Self-storage can play a huge role in helping you reduce the amount of time you spend on prepping for the upcoming week. Decluttering your home and choosing to store some of your belongings in storage can also help if you feel that the clutter is mentally taxing and affecting your daily activities. If self-storage is something you are interested in feel free to stop by any of our XYZ Storage self-storage locations, and our storage experts would be more than happy to assist you in finding the best self-storage unit at the right price. 

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published: 25 October 2022