Tips for Storing Away Your Winter Clothes and Equipment

Travel items on the floor for mountain trip

Spring has finally arrived, and the warm weather is fast approaching which means it is time to pack away your winter clothes and store away all of your winter equipment. Say goodbye to all of your cozy sweaters, snow tires, and ski’s and say hello to your shorts and gardening tools! This transition, though temporary, can be difficult for many so we at XYZ Storage are here to help you with these packing and storage tips.

Packing Away Your Clothes

Before you pack away your winter clothes make sure you wash and dry them. By doing this you ensure that your clothes are clean, and this will help you avoid the attraction of bugs during storage. When packing your clothes, it might be beneficial for you to store them away in clear plastic containers or garment bags for easy storage. You might also want to consider labeling your containers or bags, so you know exactly which has what. For example, having one container filled with winter hats and another that is filled with winter jackets.

Storing Winter Equipment and Gear

Winter sports equipment are not cheap and therefore, deserve to be stored properly. If you plan on storing them in a storage unit make sure they are properly cleaned first. For example, when cleaning your skis or snowboard wipe down any mud and store them in a dry and moisture-free space. The same goes for winter tires as they should properly be stored in a climate-controlled storage space.

Finding the Right Storage Unit

Finding the right storage unit to store away your winter wardrobe and equipment can be challenging, however, here are a few things to consider when finding the right one.

What do you plan on storing in your storage unit? This will help you pick and determine what size storage unit you should ultimately be renting. For example, if you only need to store a set of winter tires you might want to look into renting a compact storage unit.

What features are you looking for in a self-storage facility and/or storage unit?

    • Is the unit temperature controlled in the summer months?
    • Is the self-storage facility well-kept and clean?
    • Is there 24/7 security? Do I feel like my belongings will be safe?
    • How accessible is my unit in the facility? 
    • How often do I need to access my belongings? Once a month? Once a year?

How long do you need your storage unit for? It can be helpful to think about how long you plan on keeping your items stored in self-storage for whether it is for the spring/summer season or years.

As a friendly reminder, we at XYZ Storage are here to help. Have any questions about how to properly store your clothing items, snow shovels, skis or snowboards, or sleds – please do not hesitate to ask one of our storage experts when visiting one of our many self-storage facilities. We have facilities all over Toronto including, Toronto Downtown, Toronto West, and Toronto Midtown.

 We wish you the best of luck with storing your winter clothes and equipment!


published: 16 April 2021