Tips for Storing Your Summer Belongings

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Summer typically consists of backyard barbeques with your family, heading up to the cottage for the weekend, and enjoying a late-night drink with your friends at your favourite restaurant. However, this summer was a lot different with many of us having to cancel vacation plans, schools having to host a virtual graduation party, socially distancing at parks and beaches, and much more. The last few months of summer have flown by, to say the least, especially with staying at home during a pandemic. Summer storage has likely not been on your mind while you try to enjoy the last bit of the nice weather before it cools down in the fall. Luckily for you, we at XYZ Storage are here to help you with a few summer storage tips:

Take Inventory

Anytime you plan on storing belongings in a storage unit or away in storage in your own home, you should write down what you plan on storing. This will help you keep track of what you are storing and where it is regardless of what season it is. For example, if you are a business owner storing patio furniture you want to know what and how much you plan on storing so you can choose the appropriate storage unit size while keeping yourself organized. This also goes for you homeowners with barbeques, backyard patio furniture, and camping equipment. Trust us, next summer you do not want to be spending any time worrying about where you stored any of your belongings.

Wash and Dry Your Summer Clothes

Before placing your summer clothes in storage just in time for the fall season make sure you wash and dry them. This goes for whether you plan on storing them at home or in a storage unit. The last thing you want is to place dirty clothes in storage that will attract insects. It is in your best interest to ensure they are clean before placing them in storage for the upcoming months ahead.

Label and Organize

When storing any summer equipment, clothes, or décor, try and label all of the boxes and containers to keep it all organized. One way you can label your boxes is to number them and have a list accompanying them. For instance, labeling your kitchen dishes box #1 and writing in a list that #1 is kitchen dishes. You can also write directly on the box “kitchen dishes” if that makes it easier for you. 

Furniture Covers for Patio Furniture

When placing any sort of furniture in storage it is best to have furniture covers for them. Take the time to purchase covers for your couches and chairs. They are perfect for keeping your patio furniture protected and free from any dust that may accumulate over time. Remember to wash your furniture such as any cushions before storing them.

Finding a Temperature Controlled Storage Facility

When looking for a storage facility to store your belongings something you should keep in mind is whether it is temperature-controlled. Storing your belongings in a temperature-controlled facility has plenty of benefits including keeping your camping gear dry and cool while in storage. For those of you interested, we at XYZ Storage have heated storage units during the winter and for those hot summer months, we ventilate our storage facilities to help protect your valuable belongings.

Self-storage can be the ideal solution for you to store all of the seasonal belongings that you do not have space for at home. We at XYZ Storage are here to help you with all of your summer storage needs. Please feel free to contact one of our storage facilities to learn more from our storage experts. From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you have a safe and wonderful rest of your summer!


published: 28 August 2020