Tips for Traveling This Summer

Lately, traveling has created a sense of normalcy for many as they get back into the excitement of jetting off for the summer in the safest way possible amidst the pandemic. Whether you are off on an adventure for days, weeks, or months with the kids or not, we at XYZ Storage want to help give you some of the best traveling and packing tips for your exciting adventure.

Having an Itinerary 

Are you the type of person that likes to go with the flow and see where your adventures take you, or one to have an itinerary? For those of you that have a hard time going with the flow, then it might be worthwhile to have an itinerary whether you follow it strictly or loosely depends on you. If you are traveling with children, it might be easier to have a general idea of what you plan to do during your trip so you can plan accordingly. You’ll feel more organized and less stressed when you know what is happening and where everything is.


Do your research! You can do this simply by googling the top places to visit in California, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, or wherever you are planning to go. This will give you a good sense of what to do while you are there, whether that is the must go to restaurants to visit or any other hidden gems in the area. It will also be beneficial to check out the weather before you go, so you can plan what you need to bring accordingly. A great place to also check out is the customers reviews for each restaurant, or tourist attraction to better be prepared and learn about each location a little more before you get there.

Download Traveling Mobile Applications

There are plenty of travel mobile applications that you can download before your trip to help ease your traveling experience. For example, for all you foodies out there make sure you have the Yelp application ready to check out the reviews of all the top restaurants or hidden gems. To help you travel around the city Citymapper can help you get around by providing directions, duration, and the cost. 

Be Prepared to Travel During Unprecedented Times 

Make a list of everything you need for your business trip or vacation. This list will depend on who you plan on traveling with, how long you are going for, and the destination of your travels. Keep track of what everyone needs to pack, so nothing important gets left behind, especially your passports.

Most importantly, with all of the people flying out and within Canada this summer, be prepared with all of your documents ready to avoid any more delays that you may experience at the airports. You should also be prepared to be flexible and accommodating during your travels, as you never know what may happen with the rules and regulations during these unprecedented times.

Self-Storage Can Help

Remember, if you are planning on traveling for a lengthy period of time you can always store your belongings at one of our self-storage facilities. We promise we will keep them safe for you while you are gone! From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you have safe and happy travels! We hope you come back from your trip feeling more relaxed as ever.

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published: 3 August 2022