Tips to Help Keep Your Apartment or Condo Organized

Apartment and condo living has plenty of perks whether that is the great amenities, not having to worry about maintenance, or paying extremely high mortgage payments every month. On the flip side, keeping a 500 square foot Toronto apartment or condo clean and organized is a challenge that many Torontonians face every day especially due to the limited amount of space. With the more people that you share a living space with it becomes increasingly more challenging. However, we at XYZ Storage have some tips to help you get started in keeping your apartment or condo clean and organized.


Living in an apartment or condo unit with very limited space, to begin with, makes storing and organizing your belongings within it extremely difficult. However, one step you can take to help alleviate some of the stress you may feel with not having enough space is to declutter. Taking the time to put some thought into what belongings you want to keep, donate, throw away, or place in storage can ultimately open up more living space. Some important questions to ask yourself while decluttering are:

  1. How often do I use or wear this item?
  2. Does it serve a meaningful purpose or use in my life?
  3. Can this item be replaced by something else I already have?

By doing this it can help make your physical space less cluttered and can possibly do wonders for your mental health as well.

Cleaning Routine

A cleaning routine is so important in maintaining a clean and organized living space on a weekly basis. It does not have to be an overcomplicated one as it can be as simple as spending ten or fifteen minutes before you go to sleep to make sure your dishes are washed and put away, everything is put back in its designated place, and there is nothing left on the floor. There are other areas of your home that you will likely have to spend more time on such as deep cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, however, this is a good place to start to have your place much cleaner on a regular basis.


If you are lucky enough that your building provides a storage locker for you to store your belongings then that will be extremely beneficial to helping you remove clutter in your home. However, if you are not so lucky and you’re using your balcony as storage or stuffing your tiny bedroom closet with endless amounts of clothes then self-storage can be a potential option for you. Self-storage units can help store your belongings temporarily for a month to up to years depending on your storage needs.

We at XYZ Storage offer many affordable self-storage options for any and all of your belongings whether you need to store your winter clothes, your entire one-bedroom apartment, or a couple of pieces of furniture. We have self-storage facilities located across Toronto for your convenience and accessibility to your belongings. Interested in renting a unit? Please feel free to stop by one of our locations and talk to one of our storage experts who would be more than happy to help you out and find the right storage unit for you. Happy apartment and condo cleaning!


published: 21 March 2022