What Can You Store in Your Storage Unit?

A mature hispanic man is packing and unpacking as he is moving into a new house.

Have you recently rented a self-storage unit and booked your move-in date? Congratulations you have just completed half the battle! Maybe you have decided to rent a storage unit, but are not too sure what you should store in it. The question you would have to ask yourself is: what exactly am I planning on storing in my self-storage unit? We XYZ Storage decided to compile a list of the top items that you can store in your storage unit:

Furniture and Appliances

Self-storage units are perfect for storing your furniture and appliances, especially when you are moving places or even for a more long-term basis. You can store anything from your bedroom to your entire living room. This can include your mattress, bed frame, desk, couches, television, fridge, and etc. However, you may also want to consider buying protection covers for all your furniture items to protect them from dust and damage throughout the move. No one says you cannot store your entire studio or 1-bedroom apartment! It all depends on the size of the self-storage unit you have chosen to rent.


Have too many clothes for your closets and dressers to handle? You can store your clothing in a storage unit during the months that you do not need them. This is especially handy with seasonal clothing items such as heavy winter jackets, shorts, swimsuits, and thick sweaters. Do not forget to wash and dry your clothes before placing them in storage first!

Old Files and Documents

Have some old files you need to keep, but do not have the room for? Store your old files in a safe and secure storage unit. Keep in mind that at XYZ Storage we also provide shredding services for those of you that rather get rid of your old hard drives and documents as opposed to storing them. If you find yourself decluttering your desk or office space and find some files you wish to keep, consider storing them with us.

Sentimental Items

Love looking at old photographs of your friends and family? Photos are meant to be kept and passed down to your children as they portray significant moments in you and your family’s lives. You want to keep them in a safe and secure place which could include a self-storage rental unit.

Seasonal Equipment

Patio furniture, lawnmower, snowblower, or gardening tools are all pieces of seasonal equipment that you can store in a self-storage unit. Whether it is winter, summer, fall, and spring there are some of your belongings that you just do not need to be stored at home all year long. You can take advantage of renting a storage unit to make space in your home that you may not have.

Holiday Decorations

Are you and your family big on celebrating the holidays? What about filling your home with an endless number of decorations according to the upcoming holiday? Whether you enjoy decorating your home with pumpkins for the fall season (including Halloween) or hanging up your lights weeks before Christmas. Self-storage can be helpful to store all of your holiday decorations that you do not have the space to store all year round! So, pack up your décor in boxes or containers and store them in your storage unit.

Business Inventory

Run a small business in Downtown Toronto with minimal square footage? Self-storage can serve as a great solution to your lack of space for all of your inventory. For example, if you own a clothing store you can store your extra inventory of clothing in a storage unit. Maybe you run an e-commerce business out of your home and are tired of stacking and storing inventory in your living room.

Vehicle, Boat, RV, and Trailers

At XYZ Storage, we offer more than just your average household items we also provide you the option to store your vehicle, boat, RV or trailer at our self-storage facilities. This way you can free up some of that space on your driveway or your backyard. It will also help protect your vehicle or boat from the harsh Canadian winters that we face at a fair price. If this is something you want to learn more about, check out our blog posts on Boat Storage: Protection and Winter Protection as well as RV Storage for RVs and Trailers.

Have any questions about what you can or cannot store in your storage unit? Please stop by one of our self-storage facilities and ask one of our storage experts as they would be more than happy to help you out. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post on what NOT to store in your self-storage unit! From all of us at XYZ Storage, we wish you the best of luck sorting through all of your belongings and deciding what you want to store.


published: 30 October 2020