4 Reasons to Use Self-Storage for Your E-Commerce Business

Working women at their store. They wearing casual clothing and accepting new orders online

E-commerce businesses have skyrocketed giving people a convenient solution to shopping without having to leave their homes. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen many businesses moving online to keep afloat and many entrepreneurs starting their online businesses. If you are a small business owner out there that owns a retail space with an online presence or runs their business entirely online think about renting a self-storage unit to help escalate your business during these difficult times. Here are a few reasons why self-storage can be beneficial for your e-commerce business.

1. Seasonal Storage

Is your e-commerce business busier than usual due to the holiday season? Self-storage can provide you an alternative to continuing to store your inventory in your parent’s basement or inside your bedroom closet. It can be the ideal solution to store your extra inventory temporarily during your busiest times, so you don’t end up cluttering the rest of your home.

2. Creates a Work-life Separation

How many of you are currently storing your inventory and belongings in your bedroom or your living room? It is important to create that work-life separation. With Toronto and the GTA under lockdown, you may find yourself spending a lot of time at home which means sharing space with your inventory as well as the rest of your household. Self-storage can create that separation and allow you to make space in your home for all of your personal belongings instead.

3. Extra Inventory Space

Self-storage can serve as an extension to your current storage situation for all of your inventory or it can serve as an entirely new space for all of your business needs. Being an entirely online business means that you have decided to opt-out of renting a retail space. Purchasing square footage to store your inventory can be quite expensive, so it may be beneficial for you to look at self-storage options instead. If you also are looking to store some of your personal belongings, then even better – it is a two for one deal!

4. Additional Amenities

Not only do you enjoy the use of a self-storage unit there could also be many perks as well that many facilities offer. There are many self-storage facilities that offer temperature-controlled facilities, fire and smoke alarms, and high-end security. At XYZ Storage, we have all of those and more! For instance, at our Downtown Toronto facility located on Eastern Ave, we offer space for you to take calls and plan out your day in our ‘on the go’ meeting centre. Our facility gives you access to Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee! We also provide you with all of the tools for an easy move-in and move-out such as loading docks and palette jacks, truck rental, packing and moving supplies, and package receiving.

We at XYZ Storage understand being a business owner is a lot of work and the grind it takes to run an ecommerce business, so we offer the tools to help you be successful. Self-storage may not be an easy transition, but it can be the right move for a lot of e-commerce businesses that are looking to expand quickly. If you are looking to rent a self-storage unit to help you run your e-commerce business, please feel free to stop by any of our self-storage facilities and one of our storage experts will be happy to help you. You can also check out all of our storage options online. From all of us at XYZ Storage, we wish you and your family a happy holiday!


published: 18 December 2020