The Role Self-Storage Plays For Businesses

Self-Storage for Businesses

Self-storage is an evolving industry and plays a huge part in many Canadians lives especially for those who do not have enough storage space in their own homes. However, business owners can also benefit from the storage solutions that many self-storage facilities offer. For instance, having an organized office space that has been decluttered can be beneficial in helping improve the overall look and productivity of your business. Here are some of the ways that self-storage plays a beneficial role for businesses

Storing Extra Inventory

Do you run a small business with limited square footage in the heart of Downtown Toronto or own a small retail store in a mall up North that lacks the space for a big enough storage room? Self-storage can serve as an extension to your business. We understand that owning square footage or finding a space for an affordable price can be quite difficult. Therefore, self-storage may provide a cheaper alternative to storing your extra inventory. 

Document Storage

Has your business yet to go digital or reduce the amount of paperwork accumulated? With a lot of businesses, it may not be possible to be completely paperless and that is why self-storage can help store all of your business documents to save you space in the office. You can look into self-storage facilities that offer climate-controlled and highly secure storage options. This way your documents such as employment records, receipts, and other important information will be safely kept leaving you with one less thing to worry about. 

Seasonal Storage 

Many restaurant owners may need the extra storage space to store any patio furniture once the season is over. This is likely to be more common with the increased use of outdoor space for dining alternatives due to COVID-19. Self-storage can be helpful for those of you that own restaurants and had to invest in some patio furniture to continue to upkeep sales and adhere to guidelines set by the government. It can serve as a wonderful temporary storage solution for businesses that did not plan on having to store patio furniture in their place of business. The same goes for any equipment that you may have that needs storing for a short or long time.

Additional Benefits 

Self-storage facilities are used to store your belongings, however, there are many added benefits that some facilities may offer. For example, shredding services and on-site office space including free Wi-Fi services. At our Downtown Toronto facility located on Eastern, we provide space for you to take calls while you are on the go. If these additional benefits are something that you value on top of a safe and affordable storage solution then it is worth considering them when looking into which facility you would like to store your belongings in

If you are interested in looking at who will benefit from self-storage please check out our blog post: Who Will Benefit From Self-Storage. From all of us at XYZ Storage, we wish you and your business the best of luck during these difficult times. We are here to help support the communities we operate in as best as we can so please let us know how we can help fulfill your storage needs.


published: 24 July 2020