How Self Storage Can Help During A Divorce or Separation

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A break-up, separation, or divorce can take a huge emotional toll on someones life. It is more complicated when you share assets with someone and live together. You are not only trying to process the break-up, but you also have to figure out who gets what and find a new place to live. We want to help you, so we created a quick guide on how to grieve your relationship and how self-storage can help you through this stressful transition.

Start by Taking Time for Yourself

It can be an extremely draining process especially if you have to worry about child support or division of assets. Don’t forget to spend some time focusing on yourself! If you are fortunate enough to not be pressed on time, take some time for yourself by taking up a new hobby, binge watch that new Netflix show, or eat that tub of ice cream. Allow yourself to grieve the relationship before you jump headfirst into figuring out what to do next. However, if you don’t have that luxury of time to figure out what you need to do at least take a moment to breathe.

Packing and Moving Out

Once you have sorted out who gets what when dividing your assets, the chances are the next step is to pack it all and move out. You might have to consider hiring movers and renting a truck to move out any of your furniture and other belongings. During this time, it is important to lean on your friends and family for extra support. They can help you pack your belongings and move them to your new place. You might also have a friend who has the extra space and is giving you a temporary place to live while you figure out what you want to do moving forward.

A “Second Home” For Your Belongings

You are caught in a tricky situation where you’re in between the stages of leaving your current home and having to find a new place to live. While you’re in transition your belongings are too, and it becomes difficult when you don’t know where you’re living just yet. If you only have a couple of things you need to store, you can try asking your friends and family if they have space in their home. Think about self-storage or mobile storage as an easy and convenient solution for those of you that do not have a place to store your belongings while you’re in between places. At XYZ Storage, we know how stressful this whole process can be and we want to make it as easy as possible. You can store your belongings at one of our secure facilities around the GTA and Toronto. Our facilities are clean and climate controlled, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings. We also have a mobile storage option which is flexible and convenient as we bring the container to you and bring it back to our facility once your belongings are packed.

How Does Self-Storage and Mobile Storage Help You?

Self-storage or mobile storage can be essential to get through any break-up, separation, or divorce involving tangible assets. Both options can provide you a solution to your “where do I store my belongings?” problem:

  • Giving you a temporary place to store your belongings while you are in transition
  • Storing memories, you are not ready to throw away
  • Planning to downsize and you no longer have space to store your belongings
  • Keeping important documents and files safe

Try and think of this experience as a fresh start or new chapter in your life. We are here to help you take some of the stress off you by providing a second home for your belongings, moving supplies, or a truck rental during this transition. You’ll get through the stressful parts and come out the other side! We at XYZ Storage wish you the best in this process and we hope this has helped you.

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published: 13 September 2019