How Students Can Prepare for the New “Normal”

Students Prepare for the New “Normal”

College and University is a time where you do a whole lot of soul searching, self-discovery, and growth. However, during these unprecedented times “campus life” may be close to non-existent which may make it more difficult for some students to meet their professors and truly connect with new friends and classmates. With technology heavily integrated into our lives, the new normal for you could be hopping out of bed just in time to open your laptop to attend your 8:00 am online Zoom lecture while drinking your coffee. Here are some ways you can prepare for the school year ahead whether you are nervous or excited to attend College or University for the first time or itching to graduate in the Spring.

Learning Opportunity

We know this was not exactly how you pictured attending school, so what now? Embrace and see this as a new learning and growth opportunity for yourself. Make the best out of a far from the ideal situation by actively being involved in what you are learning and figuring out what you want to get out of your classes. Take the time to read class material beforehand, actively take notes during your online lectures, and review them once again after the lecture or before the next one. With all of the extra time you have from not having to commute or walk to classes, explore other passions, skills, and hobbies you would like to develop.

Finding Your Groove

Everything tends to be much easier once you find your groove. Once you get the hang of attending your online classes and studying for those classes it becomes easier. When you go through the motions a handful of times you will figure out what works for you and what does not. This goes for learning new and helpful study habits as well as ways for you to destress when you feel overwhelmed.

Putting Your Mental Health First

Yes, having goals is important whether it is to make the Dean’s list every term or simply passing a course, however, none of that matters if your mental health is compromised. It is important to check-in with yourself and be honest with how you are feeling throughout the days and weeks to come. If you find yourself overwhelmed, then do not be afraid to take breaks in between studying. Does exercising help you feel the most relief? Then go ahead and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to help yourself unwind. CAMH has provided coping strategies to help people deal with the stress and anxiety they may be feeling surrounding COVID-19. This can serve as a helpful resource to you or your friends and family.

Dedicated and Organized Space

The goal is to of course set yourself up for success and one way to do so is to create and have a dedicated yet organized space for you to accomplish your learning. Here are a few ways to do just that:

  1. Set boundaries in your home and with the people you live with. For example, letting them know you are in class during ‘x’ times of the week and to not disturb you so that you can focus without the added distractions.
  2. Create a space that is dedicated to you focusing on your work whether it is on your desk or on the dining room table. Add your own personal touch and customize the space to how you work best. For example, having photos of your loved ones, a hanging quote that will help inspire you, or simply having cute supplies. This is your space and organize it in a way that makes sense to you!
  3. Create more storage space if possible. You can never go wrong with having too much storage space for your lecture notes or school supplies. If your workspace is in your bedroom you can check out our blog post on How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Bedroom.

In Need of Storage?

With the transition from an on-campus environment to classes being online chances are you probably moved back into your parents’ house over the summer. Moving back home also means bringing your belongings back with you. Are you lacking the storage space to store your belongings? At XYZ Storage, we help students store their apartment and dorm belongings at our self-storage facilities to help you and your family make space in your home. We wish you the best of luck with the new transition and next chapter in your life!

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published: 14 August 2020